Student Government


The Student Government Association will act on behalf of the student body to ensure their rights are protected, to promote communication by providing an open forum for student opinions and concerns to be shared, and to offer extra curricular activities for the members of the Sage community.

All full-time students at SCA are members of the Student Government Association and are welcome to attend meetings. Student Government Association meetings are an opportunity for students to voice issues, concerns, and plan upcoming events to improve their Sage experience. For additional information contact:

Class Officers:
Each class has their own board of elected class officers. The classes are encouraged to provide both campus-wide and class specific events.

Student Government 

Dimonazia Owens
Vice President
Law & society-psychology pathway
Class 2015
Constitution Committee, Wellness Committee

Khademe Osbourne
Advertising director
Class of 2016
Graphic Design
Head of Wellness Center Committee  

Kiorainer Milan
Student Government Treasurer
Class of 2015
Law and Society- Criminal Justice Pathway
Finance Committee

Mayleen Rivera
President of Student Government
Class of 2014
Law & Society - Legal Pathway, Minor: Business
Food Committee, Public Safety Committee

Simon Robinson
Social Vice President
Class of 2015
Physical Education

Merelissa Tavares
Student Government Secretary
Class of 2015
Law and Society Legal Pathway
Book Store Committee & Facilities Committee

Rebecca Zayas
Representative of Commuter Relations
Class of 2014
Fine Arts in Photography