Searching for an Apartment

Here are a few web sites that can help...

SCA Off-Campus Apartments Directory
The Renters Guide:
Apartment List:
The Apartment Locator Service:
Craig's List
HotPads Albany
Additional Sites:

If you havent already done so...

  • Check out University Heights College Suites
  • Look through the apartment binder in the Student Life Office, Kahl Campus Center RM145, or view it online.
  • Look through local newspaper, especially the Sunday edition.
  • Walk or drive around the neighborhood. Many landlords in the area advertise only through for rent signs on the house.

Unfamiliar with the Area?

Here are street addresses located around SCA

South Allen (0-200s) Ontario
Dana (100s) Park (400s-800s)
Delaware Ave. (0-400s) Parkwood
Delaware Terrace Pinewood
Forrest (0-100s) Providence St. (600s)
Front St. (200s) Quail St. (200s)
Hackett Blvd. (0-100s) Ridgefield St. (100s)
Hamilton (300s) Warren (500s)
Hudson Ave. (400s) Washington (100s)
South Main (0-100s) West (400s)
Magazine Western (400s)
Myrtle Ave. (300s-800s) Woodlawn (0-200s)
New Scotland