Co-Curricular Information

Student Development and Leadership

Leadership Development

Sage offers many leadership development opportunities, both in and out of the classroom. The program’s model is an emergent leadership paradigm and recognizes the leadership potential of all students. Active participation in college leadership activities prepares students to be effective leaders, role models, and change agents in their careers, families and communities.

Sage prides itself on both the number and quality of leadership opportunities available. These positions are important to the success of all our students and provide the candidates with an opportunity to gain valuable leadership experience. At Sage, students have the opportunity to explore leadership in a variety of ways which have a positive impact on their community.

Leadership Getaway

Sage offers a unique opportunity to our student leaders. New and returning leaders attend an overnight workshop, off campus, that enables leaders to building trust, work as a team, identify leadership styles, and build their overall sense of community.

Who’s Who Among Students

Who’s Who is national recognized award that is rewarded to a highly successful upper classmate who is nominated by members in the Sage community. The criteria are as follows:

·          Must be in their Junior or Senior year

·          Must have a GPA of 3.0 or higher

·          Potential for future achievement       

·          Participation and leadership in academic and co-curricular activities

·          Citizenship and service to Sage College of Albany and/or its surrounding community.


Student Clubs and Organizations

Student Government Association

The Student Government Association serves as a liaison between the students and the administration. All full-time students at SCA are members of the Student Government Association and are welcome to attend meetings. Student Government Association meetings are an opportunity for students to voice issues, concerns, and plan upcoming events to improve their Sage experience. For additional information contact:

Class Offices
Each class has their own board of elected class officers. The classes are encouraged to provide both campus-wide and class specific events.

How to Start a New Organization

To start a new organization or revive an old club, contact the Office of Student Development for assistance on how to get organized, find an advisor, recruit members, and complete the Student Government recognition process. Students who have an idea for a new club or would like to reactivate an inactive club should do the following:

  • Survey other students on campus to see if there is a reasonable amount of interest for the proposed club. If the club is major-related, contact students taking that particular major;
  • Find and designate a club advisor (faculty or staff member at SCA) who can help with the details of organizing and carrying out the long-range objectives of the club;
  • Bring the proposal to the Campus Life Office, for assistance on how to draw up a charter and constitution, and how to petition to the College for recognition;
  • After working with the club advisor and other prospective members of the club, the charter and constitution must be submitted to the Student Government for approval;
  • Upon approval of club status, you may start conducting official meetings with the club members.

Academic Organizations:

American Institute of Graphic Arts (AIGA)

AIGA is a national organization whose mission is to further excellence in communication design, advance the education and ethical practice of graphic designers, and provide opportunities for the exchange of ideas and information. For additional information contact:


American Society of Interior Designers (ASID)
The student chapter of the American Society of Interior Designers meets with professional interior designers for conferences, networking and trade shows. Student members are eligible for scholarships and participate in trips to a career day, historic homes and museums, design centers and other events related to the field of art, architecture and interior design. For additional information contact:


Biology Club
The Biology Club is an organization for students who are interested in science to meet, exchange ideas, and explore activities, which are not possible during normal class time. The Biology Club sponsors Earth Day, brings interesting speakers to campus, and conducts field trips. For additional information contact:

Business Club

Members of the Sage community are encouraged to join if they are majoring or just have an interest in business and management development. The club provides opportunities to visit organizations, work on organized programs, and overall ways to build their business careers. For additional information contact:

Law, Psychology, & Criminal Justice Club (LPCJ)
The LPCJ is open to all students who are interested in career information, law, or activities related to the field of psychology. The club sponsors field trips, speakers, social activities, and provides an informal setting for discussions on topics such as crime and violence.
For additional information contact:

 Physical Education Club (PE)

The PE Club is open to all students who are interested in education, PE, and outdoor/indoor sport activities. The club sponsors field trips, speakers, and field days throughout the academic year.

Club Sport Organizations:


This club has the intention of bringing the sport of baseball to the Sage Colleges. With the support of the Sage community we will strive to represent our institution.  This club sport is for anyone who has a love for American’s pastime. For additional information contact:


The Crew is a club sport on both the RSC and SCA campus. The club is year around with three seasons; Fall (Aug. - Mid Nov.) 

Hiking/Outdoor Club
Are you the outdoorsy type or just looking for something that is fun and challenging? This is the club for you! Together, with the Adirondack Hiking Club, The Sage Colleges will provide you many opportunities to enjoy the great outdoors.  

Are you interested in running to get into shape? Would you rather run with a group than by yourself? If so, then join the running club. This clubs meets 3-5 times a week and runs many different routes throughout the city of Albany.  

Whether you're a Harry Potter fan or not this new club sport is sure to gain your interest! 


The Phoenix

The Phoenix is the student-run online newspaper at Sage College of Albany. The paper provides articles on everything from issues to events on campus. The paper is managed by a student rule staff and editor, while being advised by the sage faculty.


The Vernacular is a literary and art magazine entirely organized, edited, designed, and published by SCA students. This annual publication is one of the oldest traditions at SCA and has been a highlight on campus for over 25 years. For additional information contact:


SCA Social Organizations:

Anime Club

Anime club is for anyone who loves anime. This club has frequent movie nights; they do Japanese theme movie nights, and do provide opportunities for students to attend regional anime conferences. For additional information contact:

Association of Campus Events (A.C.E.)

A.C.E brings a wide variety of social and cultural entertainment to campus, such as the Activities Fair, Earth Day, Live Lunch Series, speakers, comedians, singers, artists, interactive game shows and novelty acts. Students are encouraged to be a part of A.C.E., not only to improve their social life on campus, but also to assist in choosing performers and events for the upcoming semesters. Members attend conferences and workshops to meet entertainers, review events, and learn a variety of leadership skills.  For additional information contact:

CRU                                                                                                                                         CRU is a chapter of Campus Crusade for Christ and is open to any student regardless  of religious affiliation or denomination. CRU exists to provide regular opportunities for study and discussion of the Bible, prayer, fellowship and outreach. Additionally, CRU seeks to be a resource to the student body by offering opportunities to discuss spiritual matters and provide spiritually-related materials. For additional information contact:

College Republicans

The College Republicans is a conservative political educational club. Their mission is to mobilize, educate, and engage our fellow SCA students on political issues, elections and advocacy for conservative ideas. For additional information contact:

Commuter Relations Club
The Commuter Relations Club is designed to provide clear and effective communication between commuter students and the college. All commuter students are encouraged to join and increase their awareness of activities, events, and other forms of involvement in the SCA community. For additional information contact:

Dance Club
The Dance Club at Sage is for students interested in learning how to dance and wanting to performance on stage. All levels of dance form beginner to expert may join. The Dance club presents a series of solo, duo and large group performances throughout each semester and at the end of spring semester puts on a show for the Sage Community. For additional information contact:


Drama Club
The Drama Club at Sage is for students interested in the performing arts. The Drama Club will be putting on several performances during the school year incorporating acting, singing, and dancing. This club is an opportunity for Sage students to get on stage and perform for their fellow students. Meetings are held weekly to discuss upcoming events, perform a variety of acting exercises, and observe different kinds of acting. For additional information contact:

Love Your College Experience (LYCE) Peer Education

LYCE club provides students opportunities through meetings and community activities to raise awareness about mental health, personal and college issues. The club works closely with our Wellness Center to provide support and peer education. For additional information contact:

 Outdoor Adventure Club

The Outdoor Adventure Club is a club designed for the student who is extreme at heart. The club provides a number of outdoor and indoor opportunities to take a part in. From white water rafting to rock climbing, the outdoor adventure club has it all. For additional information contact:

Performing Arts Club

The Performing Arts Club is open to all students and provides a community where you are able to express your love, skill, and knowledge of music. The club works to help hone and develop your musical ability. This club is designed for the musician at heart.

Residence Hall Council

Residence Hall Council builds community through planning activities and proposing improvements for the Residence Hall. Albany resident students are encouraged to get involved in the Residence Hall Council and take an active role in creating a fun and positive environment in the building. For additional information contact:

Sage African, Latino, Asian, and Native American (SALANA)
SALANA is committed to celebrating different backgrounds, ethnicities and races by providing multicultural educational programs to the campus community. SALANA sponsors events, such as cultural dinners, performances and workshops. This organization brings successful ALANA speakers to campus and actively participates in social networking events in the area, which promotes leadership development. Furthermore, SALANA recognizes the need for volunteers in the community and reaches out to other organization that share in their mission.
For additional information contact:


The Sage Emeralds is a sisterhood that helps build a woman’s pride, respect, and development here at SCA.  The Emeralds were founded as a service organization, which helps build character and provide an opportunity to create life long bonds with other students. For more information contact:

The Sage SPECTRUMS is open to all students and provides gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender members of the Sage Community with an opportunity to share information and ideas with one another. The club promotes education, tolerance, and understanding of LGBT issues in our society. Members empower one another through education, engagement, and deliberate dialogue in order to provide an affirming and inclusive environment for all student. For additional information contact


V.I.B.E. is open to all students who want to encourage each other to have self-assurance, self respect, and confidence.  V.I.B.E. believe in beauty and empowerment inside and out for each member and the SCA community as a whole.

Video Game Club

The goal of the Video Game Club is to create an environment for students to interact with one another who share a common interest in the Video Game industry. Tournaments for club and non-club members promote friendly competition and allow members to become more social through interaction with other students. For additional information contact:

The Zen Program

Zen is a program that helps build men’s education, pride, and development here at SCA. Zen was found under the principles of community, education, peer to peer support. As a member of Zen you will work to support one another, and help challenge each other to create a better you.  For additional information contact:


SCA Campus Events and Programs

Admissions Overnight Experience is an event that provides prospective students with a taste of the college life. Current and prospective students will interact throughout the night with a number of events that bring together the whole Sage community.

Baccalaureate is held each year during Commencement Weekend to recognize the academic and leadership achievements of graduating students. A graduating student is selected to address the class and awards are given by each academic division, as well as the Cogswell Award, which is presented to a current junior or senior at SCA.

The BFA Student Shows represent the capstone work of Sage students completing the requirements for BFA degrees in Fine Arts and Graphic Design. Among the Fine Arts students are those with concentrations in clay sculpture, illustration, painting, photography and printmaking. Come and see the wonderful works that our Sage College of Albany student community has to offer.

Commencement is our spring graduation ceremony of all The Sage Colleges, to celebrate those who have completed their studies. This is the culmination of hard work and dedication to academic pursuits where students are honored for their success.

Constitution Day brings an opportunity for students to register to vote while allowing them to participate in a series of educational programming. Events provided on this day can range from online quizzes to game shows to lectures on the Constitution.

Disabilities Awareness Day is scheduled on both the Albany and Troy campuses to educate and sensitize the campus community on disability related issues. Information is provided on the Americans with Disabilities Act, types of disabilities and success stories of individuals with disabilities. Ribbons are worn on that day by the Sage community to show their support for students with disabilities.

Earth Day is a campus-wide annual celebration sponsored by the Science Club. The event raises awareness of many environmental issues through student made exhibits. There is also a series of activities, music, and food during this celebration. This event is one of the main highlights of the spring semester.

Family Day is our Family Weekend that we rap into one day full of events. This day invites family and friends to come on campus and get an overview of the many events and areas that students experience on campus.

International Food Festival is an annual SCA event in the Fall semester that celebrates diversity and ethnic heritage. Come and enjoy the food, music and the sharing of many traditions.

Live Lunch Series provides students an opportunity during the lunch hour to enjoy some highly diverse musical entertainment. The music ranges from R&B to Japanese Drum bands, to Mexican Salsa and World Music.

National Day of Silence is a nationally recognized day that is dedicated to the issues facing the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) and Ally community. Sage community members participate in being silent throughout the day, to bring attention to the bullying and harassment of LGBT students. Sage provides a host of programs to advocate, educate, and engage the college community.

Oksoberfest is an annual event at the conclusion of Alcohol Awareness Week. It is the high point of the week's activities. The mock pub night gives students the opportunity to dance into the evening, win prizes and more while giving them an alternative to going out.

Sage Carnival is a campus-wide annual event during the last two weeks of classes for students to come and relax before finals start. There are a number of activities to do. There is something for everyone.

Sage Engaged is a community service event that takes place in the Fall semester. This day all members of the Sage community are engaged to take part of their day and provide service in the city park to help with fall cleanups projects.

Sage Formal is sponsored by both SCA/RSC Student Governments. This annual formal event allows students, faculty and administrators to mingle, dance and enjoy a night of fun. This college activity allows students to forget about classes and coursework and just have a good time.

Sage Votes provides nonpartisan information that helps enable the Sage community to become a more informed voter. The events do not necessarily address headline issues but address the issues and concerns of our community.

The Spirit of Sage Boat Cruise happens within the first couple weeks of school where all members of the community are welcomed to participate in this celebration to open up the new academic year and encourage everyone to mingle and dance the night away.

Town Meeting is a SCA tradition that celebrates the beginning of the academic year. This opening community gathering is an opportunity for students, faculty and administrators to participate in a campus-wide academic discussion of issues relating to higher education.

World AIDS Day celebrates this nationally recognized day that is dedicated to advocating, educating and engaging the community about HIV and AIDS and the impact it has on local, national, and global accounts.

Other Campus Events

The Albany campus provides a wide variety of diverse, inclusive, social, and educational programming throughout the academic year.  These events and others help foster and build our community on and off campus.  Ideas for new traditions are always welcomed.  Please contact the Student Activities Office in the Kahl Campus Center, room 145.


The Sage College of Albany Alumni Association and You!

The Sage College of Albany and Sage Graduate School consist of over 17,000 alumni. The Office of Alumni Relations provides a variety of programs and opportunities for alumni to stay connected to Sage. Methods of continuing involvement include:

  • Taking advantage of personal and/or professional development seminars that are offered to alumni, students, and faculty/staff throughout the academic year
  • Participating in social and networking events throughout the Capital District and beyond
  • Supporting community outreach efforts such as Relay for Life, Toys for Tots and Making Strides Against Breast Cancer to benefit the American Cancer Society
  • Participating in Career Services activities such as internships, job shadowing, and career week. Alumni have the ability to share their professional experiences with students as well as provide their unique perspective on career options and future job trends.
  • Supporting the Admission Office recruitment efforts through participation in open houses, college fairs, and referral programs. Alumni are often the best ambassadors for The Sage Colleges by promoting the college and representing their alma mater in distinguished professional settings
  • Participating in student activities such as Earth Day, the Student Art Show, and the Activities Fair.

The Sage College of Albany and Sage Graduate School Office of Alumni Relations encourage students to become involved in activities sponsored by the Association during their time on campus. If you would like more information about how you can become involved with these and other activities, please call the Alumni Relations Office at (518) 292-1915 or email