Student FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions for Students - Orientation

                                                                                                                                       Do I really need to attend Orientation?

Yes. The expectation of Sage College of Albany is that all students need to attend these events throughout the whole weekend. The weekend is filled with opportunities for students to gain an understanding of policies, offices, and services that Sage has to offer.  Plus, we have a number of important opportunities to have you network with other new and returning students from both our campus and the Russell Sage campus. Please make sure to make any necessary arrangements to attend orientation.

What is covered and why is it important?

At SCA, we want you to grow and succeed throughout your time with us. Orientation helps provide a smooth transition into your college experience. Plus, this gives you opportunity to meet a number of our faculty and staff, to attend key presentation that inform you about our expectations and services, and lastly what both SCA and the Capital Region have to offer outside of the classroom.  This is a great chance for you to have your questions and concerns answered.

Do I need to attend each day, and how long is Orientation?

Yes. Orientation is a four day event. The first day, all students living on campus will move into the Albany Residence Hall or University Heights apartments. Commuter students will have presentations specifically geared to life as a Commuter student.  All students must attend the additional three days, so please plan accordingly.  Arriving late or leaving early is not a good idea. If you do, you will miss out on key information and experiences here at SCA.

I can't make it to Orientation because of work and/or family vacation.

The college puts the schedule online roughly around eight weeks before you come to campus. We do this to allow students ample time to make the necessary arrangements for employment, transportation, child care, and long distance travel.

I am a Commuter and/or Transfer student do I need to attend?

Yes. Students who attend orientation are more prepared to begin classes and more successful in reaching their academic goals. Orientation provides information and services all in one place, rather than having new students try to obtain this information from each office on their own. The challenge of a transfer student is generally getting re-connected to a campus. While as a commuter student it is to find a college and home balance.

Can family members, partners and guests attend with the student?

Yes. Here at Sage College of Albany we build in programs and a schedule that includes guest in order to help you celebrate you and your entry into the Sage community. Plus, we provide programs that are designed for families and guest to see the opportunities and services we have here at Sage. The guest schedule concludes by mid-afternoon on the first day of Fall Orientation, ending with a Family send off. 

Whom can I call with questions?

You may call the Student Life Office at (518) 292-1753 Monday through Friday 8:30am - 5:00pm or email us at [email protected] with any questions or concerns you may have. Note: All new students are charged the orientation fee, even if they decide to skip orientation.