Residence Life

Welcome to Residence Life at Sage College of Albany

For some people, living in the residence hall is what college is all about. Sage College of Albany's on-campus residence hall provides living and learning space for about 100 first-year students in good academic standing.

Sage believes that residence halls should be active living/learning centers that compliment the academic programs of the College. Students can participate in a variety of social and educational programs, such as cultural dinners, aromatherapy workshops, fitness workshops, off-campus trips, and Halloween parties for area youth.

Living successfully in residence halls is dependent upon balancing individual freedoms with sensitivity and respect for the rights of others. A willingness to discuss, negotiate, and compromise is essential. Individual and cultural differences make up the unique texture of the residence halls, and students are encouraged to learn from one another. 

Important Dates for Fall 2014

Thursday, August 21: New residents move in

Friday, August 22: Returning Albany residents arrive                

Monday, August 25: Classes begin

Monday, September 1: College closed (Labor Day)

Monday, October 13: College closed (Columbus Day)

Tuesday, October 14: Offices open, but no classes

Wednesday, November 26: Halls close at 11:00 AM for Thanksgiving Break

Sunday, November 30: Halls reopen at 12:00 (noon)

Friday, December 5: Last day of classes

Monday, December 8: Reading Day

December 9-12: Final exams

Saturday, December 13: Halls close at 11:00 AM (Residents must leave no later than 11:00 AM,or by 24 hours after their last final, whichever comes first.)

Important Dates for Spring 2015

Sunday, January 18: Residents arrive

Monday, January 19: College closed (MLK, Jr. Day)

Tuesday, January 20: Classes begin

Saturday, March 7: Halls close at 11:00 AM for Spring Break

Sunday, March 15: Halls reopen at 12 noon

Friday, May 1: Last day of classes

May 4 and 5: Reading Days

May 6-8, 11: Final exams

Tuesday, May 12: Halls close at 11:00 AM (Residents must leave no later than 11:00 AM, or by 24 hours after their last final, whichever comes first.)

Saturday, May 16: TSC Commencement

Sunday, May 17: Halls close at 11:00 AM for those who participated in Commencement activities

Living at University Heights College Suites

After their first year, students may prefer to live in rental properties in the surrounding neighborhoods or at University Heights College Suites, a student housing complex only a short walk from campus. College Suites offers Sage students apartment-style living with new, fully furnished 4-bedroom units. If you are interested in living at College Suites, please contact the Office of Residence Life for information; our office works directly with the management of College Suites for you (and you do not have to pay a deposit!). Students who choose to live in College Suites are always welcome to attend any programs and events on the Sage campus and in the Albany Campus Residence Hall. Although the apartments at College Suites come with full kitchens, residents are also welcome to choose meal plans on campus.

For those students living off-campus, Sage makes commuting easy. We provide plenty of parking, on-campus dining options, and a comfortable commuter lounge.

Special Needs Housing

Part of the commitment to students with disabilities is  to ensure that students have equitable access to campus programs, including housing. The Sage Colleges will provide reasonable housing accommodations to eligible students. To substantiate the need for assistance, we require clear, current, and comprehensive documentation of limitations in function or performance, specifically as it relates to housing. Substantiated need is constituted by a severe and chronic disabling condition that has been well documented by an appropriate and qualified professional. The disabling condition must significantly impact their learning environment  and/or residential activities unless reasonable accommodations are provided.

Accommodations for various disabilities and chronic health conditions take time to arrange. Housing receives many such requests, all of which affect the allocation of limited housing resources. For this reason, it is important that accommodation requests for pre-existing conditions be made at the time of application.

Any student requiring a special housing accommodation of any type should send the request and documentation to the Residence Life Director and Disabilities Services Director as soon as they are accepted to the college. Please be specific and communicate all of your needs. You will also need to be in contact with the Wellness Center to discuss your medical needs prior to move-in to create a care plan and contract. The application is available by sending an email to and it will then be emailed to you. Thank you!