Housing Preference Form for New Students (First Year and Transfer)


Sage ID #:

My intended field(s) of study is/are:

My preferred study habits are:

In my room without noise or distractions
In my room with minimal noise & distractions (quiet music or TV on in the background)
I go elsewhere to study (such as the library)

I classify myself as:

"Night Owl" - I go to bed after 2am most nights
"Average" - I go to bed between midnight & 2am most nights
"Early to Bed" - I go to bed between 10pm & midnight most nights

The following best describes me:

Very neat and would like to live with someone similar
Fairly neat, but can live with someone who is not
Neatness is not important to me

I prefer a lot of time to myself
I occasionally need time to myself
I prefer to live in a social environment

Do you smoke?
College policy prohibits smoking in ALL College buildings, including ALL residence halls. However, your answer is extremely important due to allergies and health concerns.


Some of my special interests and activities are:

Which type of music do you generally listen to?

New Wave

I have a special circumstance which may effect my housing (health concerns, disabilities, gender identity, etc). Medical documentation or other documentation is necessary for special circumstance housing. This documentation should be sent in addition to what you might send to the Wellness Center, due to HIPAA laws. Please be specific

Do you know someone who you would like to live with?
If so, who?
Please note that we will grant roommate requests only if both students have requested each other.