SCA Residence Life General Info

Residence Policy

Residence Contract

Resident students are required to submit a signed residence contract each year they live on campus. The current residence contract can be downloaded by clicking here.

Damages to College Property

Students are held personally responsible for the condition and furnishings of their own room and jointly responsible for public areas. A resident is also responsible for the loss, theft or damage of college and/or personal property by the resident or guest(s).


  1. All students in a residence unit will be considered responsible for the furnishings in a public area.
  2. Each student room is furnished with a bed, dresser, desk and chair. Students are responsible for furnishing their own pillow, linens, and curtains. Curtains must be fire-retardant.
  3. The College furnishes student rooms. The students may bring in only small items of furniture. College furniture may not be removed from the room. The resident will be assessed replacement costs for any missing or damaged furniture.
  4. No furniture may be removed from the public areas of any residence hall.
  5. Waterbeds and homemade lofts are not permitted.
  6. Painting or stenciling of rooms is strictly prohibited and subject to a maintenance fee.
  7. Laundry machines in the University Heights College Suites are coin operated. The laundry machines in the Albany Residence Hall do not require coins or cash.


  1. All appliances must carry the Underwriter's Laboratory approval, UL, stamped on the article.
  2. These appliances may be used in student rooms:
    • Hair dryer
    • Coffee pot (no exposed coils)
    • Heating pad
    • Fan
    • Personal computer and printer
    • Microwave (not to exceed 750 watts)
    • Refrigerator (not to exceed 4 cubic feet)
    • Hot pot
    • Television
    • **For University Heights College suites residents: A large refrigerator and a microwave are included in the suite.
  3. Irons may be used only in kitchens and lounges.
  4. The following appliances are prohibited in the residence halls:
    • Electric blanket
    • Hot plate
    • Air conditioner
    • Appliances with exposed coils
    • Toaster oven/toaster
    • Microwaves that operate over 750 watts
    • Candles/incense or paraphernalia
    • Refrigerator(s) over 4 cubic feet
    • Halogen lamps
    • Portable heater
    • Tapestries
    • 5 bulb multi-colored standing lamps
    • Extension cords (Only surge protectors are permitted within the residence halls)

Bed Configurations

Raised the standard bed configuration. Can be raised up to 2 off the floor for storage of plastic bins underneath.

Single Bed Example

Bunked one bed placed directly on top of another bed. Can be raised, but will depend on the height of the student in the bottom bed, to allow for head room when seated.

Double Bunk Example

Lofted one bed raised into the air with support poles. Can be raised between 5 and 6 of the ground, allows a student desk with bookcase and dresser to fit underneath resulting in more space in the room.

Single Bunk Example

Mail Delivery

Resident students have mailboxes that are assigned to them and located in the residence hall. The mailboxes may only be opened with a key, which students receive upon checking in to the residence hall. The following is the correct format for addressing mail and packages:

Student's Name
Sage College of Albany
Box #
140 New Scotland Ave.
Albany, NY 12208

MySage + Computing

MySage (previously Campus Cruiser) offers an email component that is a web-based graphical interface. This allows our system to be accessed from anywhere at anytime! The information sharing, calendars, news and announcements offer exciting tools for enhancing student life.

All Sage residence halls are wired for access to SageNet, the college's campus-wide computer network. Resident Students can access email and the web from their residence hall room.

Telephone Service

Active telephone lines are set up on a limited basis for residents with an absolute need for a phone line. Students who are interested in having an active telephone line in their rooms should send an email explaining the reason for needing a phone line to the Residence Life staff at [email protected]. If the request is approved, a work order will be placed to set up the phone line and obtain a phone.


Cable TV Service

Each residence hall room is equipped with two cable TV jacks. Basic cable service is provided to each student and expanded service can be arranged through Time Warner Cable at a cost to the individual student.


The Albany Campus Bookstore is located on the adjacent Albany College of Pharmacy campus, in their modern Student Center. The bookstore carries textbooks and merchandise for three neighboring colleges: Sage College of Albany & Sage Graduate School; Albany College of Pharmacy; and Albany Law School.

The bookstore is open:
Monday - Friday 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
Closed Saturday and Sunday
Call for special hours: (518) 694-7378

Students can reserve and shop for their textbooks on-line.

Wellness Center

The goal of the Wellness Center is to assist students in reaching their optimal level of health and wellness through direct treatment and prevention. Students have the opportunity to take charge of their own health and develop a prevention self-care plan that will establish the foundation for a lifetime of informed and empowered self-care.

Wellness Center