SCA Residence Life Team

If you are a resident student, chances are one of the first people you will meet on move-in day will be your RA (Resident Assistant). Your RA is an upperclass student who lives on your hall and is there to answer questions and offer support, guidance and friendship. Your RA is trained in crisis intervention, conflict mediation, basic counseling skills and hall policies and is supervised by an RD (Resident Director), a professional college administrator who also lives on campus in a residence hall.

If you need directions to your first class, have an idea for a hall program, or are simply feeling a little homesick, your RA is there for you.

A Resident Assistant is scheduled on duty each evening and weekend as an information resource and for help with medical, security or maintenance concerns. In addition, a trained college employee is available each night to assist in emergency situations. For any emergencies, the Office of Public Safety is also available 24 hours a day at (518) 244-3177.

Office Staff

DIRECTOR of RESIDENCE LIFE           Christopher Oertel               [email protected]            

RESIDENT DIRECTOR                           Phylicia Coley                         [email protected]

ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANT             Jillian Hempstead                [email protected]  

On the Albany campus, the Residence Life office is in the Albany Campus Residence Hall. Individuals may also go to the Student Life office in the Kahl Campus Center, room 145.

Phone: (518) 244-2008

Fax: (518) 244-4515

Email: [email protected]

Additional resources

PUBLIC SAFETY: (518) 244-3177

VICE-PRESIDENT of STUDENT LIFE               Patricia Cellemme           (518) 292-1753

ASSISTANT DEAN                                           Shylah Addante              (518) 292-1753

DIRECTOR OF STUDENT ACTIVITES               Kris Liebegott                 (518) 292-1753

GENERAL MANAGER of DINING SERVICES     Paula Presley                 (518) 244-2377