Mission + Vision


The mission of Sage's graduate schools is to educate men and women professionals to develop exemplary career competencies by combining sound theoretic preparation with professional practice. Graduate education at Sage shares a common bond with the undergraduate vision of liberal, professional and specialized study. At the graduate level, this vision has produced highly distinctive programs addressing a broad spectrum of human concerns while focusing on the acquisition of knowledge in the context of work. Sage graduate programs also reflect our sensitivity and responsiveness to the communities in which The Sage Colleges reside and to the demands of the broader society around us.


Sage will take you beyond the basics - beginning to push the boundaries of knowledge. Education is exploring and graduate education is an adventure in the exploration of the frontiers of knowledge. At Sage we strive for a particular role in that exploration:

  • The inventor is the creator of the intellectual property-the scientist, professional or otherwise, whose imaginative genius expands the base of human knowledge. At Sage you will learn to appreciate and understand the role of the inventor.
  • The entrepreneur recognizes opportunity and has the personal initiative to pursue that opportunity with confidence and the will to succeed. They are the risk-takers, who can act in the face of uncertainty. At Sage we will cultivate your leadership skills preparing you for a future of uncertainty and risk taking.
  • The innovator is the change maker. Innovators have the ability to creatively integrate and join existing technologies or ideas into new products, services, or otherwise useful things. They add value. This is Sage Graduate Schools special niche.