Research at Sage

A key component of graduate study at Sage is research. Current research is integrated into coursework, giving students the skills to critically evaluate pertinent literature. Graduate students also develop skills in research methodology and most conduct independent research. Others are involved in faculty-sponsored research projects. There is funding available for graduate student research. Each year, program directors nominate Broughton Fellows, whose applications for funding to support student research are reviewed by the Graduate School Fellowship Committee. Selected students are provided with stipends from the Broughton Graduate Research Fellowship.

Practically Applied
The Sage Graduate Schools has prided themselves on strong connections to the professions and to the businesses, organizations, and agencies of the community. Connections develop through our students, who are often employed in organizations with a direct relationship to the master's degree program in which the student is enrolled.

Faculty members in every graduate program are actively engaged in their discipline and forge strong bonds as consultants and board members in a wide variety of community organizations. The development of Community Resource Teams is a new initiative designed to take advantage of these strong connections by bringing together faculty, students, and community endeavors. The Louis and Hortense Rubin Community Fellows Program, administered by Sage, allows faculty from Sage and the other Rensselaer County institutes of higher education to work on problem-solving projects with community agencies in the region.