The Broughton Graduate Fellowship

The Broughton Graduate Fellowship was established by the late William G. Broughton of Schenectady, New York, in honor of his parents, Henry Primm Broughton and Jane Tinkham Broughton.   

The Broughton Graduate Fellowship is an award for advanced scholarly research by graduate students that may be part of their dissertation, thesis or final project for a graduate degree at The Sage Colleges.  Students in graduate programs from the Schools of Education, Health Sciences, and Management are eligible and may apply as an individual or a team.  

The criteria for selection of Broughton Fellows are:

  • Meritorious graduate research conducted by students
  • Record of outstanding academic achievement
  • Evidence of creative and innovative problem solving

To be awarded, Fellows must maintain outstanding academic status and satisfactory progress in their graduate degree program.  In addition, each Broughton Fellow is required to give a public lecture, at the Sage Graduate Research Symposium or a similar venue. Broughton Fellows will be recognized at commencement by wearing a blue cord. 

Broughton Fellowship Application Instructions

The student applicants are responsible for the content and quality of the submitted materials. Upon submission, the student applicant(s) certify that the application reflects their own original work and includes formal approval for any external sources (i.e.: measurement tools) integrated into the conduct of this study. Applicants are responsible for verifying that the contents of their applications are complete prior to final submission. Applications that are incomplete will not be reviewed or considered for a Broughton Graduate Fellowship award.

2016 Broughton Fellowship

The deadline for applications was February 16, 2016

If you have any questions, please contact Lauren Robichaud, Administrative Assistant, School of Management at or (518) 292-8637 

2015 Broughton Fellows

  • Cynthia Harris-Frederick, under the advisement of Janice White, Ed.D. for her Doctor of Educational Leadership project, “Research: School Leadership Practices in Single Gender Middle Schools that Prepare Urban Student for College and Careers”
  • Liz Donk & Kyle Kennedy, Rachel Kimball, Melissa Perry, under the advisement of Michelle Haller, PT, DPT, for their Doctor of Physical Therapy project, “Risk assessment for elbow injury in Little League players: questionnaire development and psychometric testing.”

2014 Broughton Fellows

  • Sandtana Cool, Sarah Fink & Samantha Schock, under the advisement of Gabriele Moriello, P.T., Ph.D., for their Doctor of Physical Therapy project, “Outcomes Following Yoga Therapy in a High Functioning Person with Spinal Cord Injury: A Case Report.”
  • Liz Donk & Kyle Kennedy, Rachel Kimball, Melissa Perry, under the advisement of Neeti Pathare, P.T., Ph.D., for their Doctor of Physical Therapy project, “Physical Performance Measures Following Ten Weeks of Taekwondo Training in Children.” 

  • Sarah McNair, under the advisement of Cheryl MacNeil, Ph.D, for her Masters of Science in Occupational Therapy project, "The Therapeutic Use of Occupation in the Work of Charles Dickens.”