Louis & Hortense Rubin Community Fellowship Awards 1992-93

"Living in the City: Community Development through Housing and Neighborhood Center Action" - $6,040

  • Institution Name: Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
  • Cooperating Agency: Commission on Economic Opportunity

This project proposed to use as a vehicle the neighborhood and community center of 6th Avenue between Jacob and Hutton in Troy to look at housing and the centers role in addressing major public issues of poverty, segregation, urban growth and decay, through analysis of the context. The analysis, in conjunction with community interaction, will lead to the design of small innovative infill projectsincluding housing, the renovation of a community center, and parks. The community center would be in the hub of political and cultural activity and be the site of its own transformation as well as the site for community action with respect to the neighborhood development.

"Community and Homes Project" - $9,452

  • Institution Name: The Sage Colleges
  • Cooperating Agency: School #12, Enlarged City School District, Troy

Community and Homes is a follow-up to and an outgrowth of the Louis and Hortense Rubin Community Fellowship Project, Special Animals, Special PlacesAnimal Homes and Habitats (1992-1993). Community and Homes is designed to develop teachers expertise in literature based instruction, often called whole language instruction, and to improve teaching of the content areas of social studies, science, and mathematics through the use of a thematic approach to instruction. Concomitantly, the project is designed to instill pride through knowledge of their community in Trojan children in grades one through five.

"Junior Museum of Troy" $9552

  • Institution Name: Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
  • Cooperating Agency: Junior Museum of Troy

The Junior Museum has a long history of providing quality exhibits, programs and activities for the children and families of the Capital Region. During the past six years, the Junior Museum has enjoyed tremendous growth in attendance, and GC & L Marketing and Public Relations currently lists the Junior Museum as among the top five regional cultural attractions of the Capital District. Other childrens museums across the nation have been used in cities with a similar economic situation (as Troy) as a catalyst for tourism and economic development. For this reason, it is recommended in the Junior Museums Long Range Plans that the museum relocate to downtown Troy where the museum can serve as a stimulus for economic revitalization. The purpose of this study is to research and document the capital districts market for the programs and activities planned for an expanded childrens museum in downtown Troy, NY.