Louis & Hortense Rubin Community Fellowship Awards 1995-96

"Evaluating the Cost Savings of the Eddy VNAs Care Partner Program" - $10,000

  • Institution Name: The Sage Colleges
  • Cooperating Agency: Eddy Visiting Nurse Association

The Eddy Visiting Nurse Association (EVNA), a member of Northeast Health, implemented the Care Partner Program in August 1995 to provide non-medical care to the EVNAs AIDS patients and their families, utilizing congregation-based teams of volunteers. Similar programs throughout the country are looking to the Eddy Visiting Nurse Association for documentation of the benefits of the care team approach to health care. The results of this evaluation project will be central to obtaining continued support, not only for the EVNA Care Partner Program, but for care team programs in general.

"Family Literacy and Technology Project at Taylor" - $6,572

  • Institution Name: The Sage Colleges
  • Cooperating Agency: The ARK

The Sage Literacy Center is proud of the success of the existing collaboration with the ARK, but there is one major gap in the kinds of services providedthere is little interaction with the parents of the children taught beyond short, casual conversations as children are dropped off at the ARK. Family literacy projects have successfully improved the literacy performance of children in low income urban areas. These projects have taught families how to improve their childrens school performance. We are requesting a Rubin Grant to work with the co-directors of the ARK to design and implement a family literacy project at the Taylor Apartments. We intend to give literacy workshops, teach parents how to use the newest computer technology such as e-mail and the Internet for research, give parents a Troy Public Library Card to encourage library use, and to have preschoolers learn concepts of print.

"Reengineering the Alternate Learning Center" - $9,750

  • Institution Name: The Sage Colleges
  • Cooperating Agency: Troy High School Alternate Learning Center

The purpose of the project is intended to provide the faculty of the Troy High School Alternate Learning Center (ALC) with the assistance necessary to make it a community school. In order to reengineer the school from its current, insular stasis to create a school that is an integral part of the community will require creative organization and collaboration of parties who are not typically involved in the day-to-day mechanics of school function. Faculty of Sages Education Department and the faculty of the Alternate Learning Center plan to work together over the spring, summer, and fall to develop a curriculum that will connect the school and the students to the larger community. The outcome of the reengineered curriculum will be to facilitate the students entry into their adult lives outside school.

"Community Policing in Troy" - $6,000

  • Institution Name: The Sage Colleges
  • Cooperating Agency: Troy Police Bureau

The City of Troy is redefining the manner by which it provides police service to its citizens, similar to many other cities. Troy has acknowledged a general failure in traditional policing models in reducing crime and/or fear of crime. Therefore, Troy wishes to implement a "Community Policing" model. This reform embraces two key concepts problem solving and community engagement to give beat officers the flexibility to work hand-in-hand with citizens, the business sector, and public and private agencies to identify and respond to social disorder in the neighborhoods.