Louis & Hortense Rubin Community Fellowship Awards 1996-97

"Creative Venture Program: Training for Artists" - $8,000

  • Institution Name: The Sage Colleges
  • Cooperating Agency: Rensselaer County Council for the Arts (RCCA) and the Eddy

The Creative Ventures Program is a partnership between RCCA, The Sage Colleges, and the Eddy. It is an innovative approach to the special needs of seniors. The program will engage seniors in diverse experiences with the creative arts to build a sense of vitality and well being, and to bring increased independence and development that grows from active participation in the arts. This program is an education-based arts program designed to provide opportunities for artistic expression and creation for senior citizens who are affiliated with the Eddy. This will be implemented with a life-enhancing paradigm through which a team comprising professional artists, students from The Sage Colleges, and representatives from the Eddy and RCCA will provide the opportunities for senior citizens to engage in artistic activities.

"Reward, Recognition, and Incentive System" - $5,800

  • Institution Name: Lally School of Management and Technology, RPI
  • Cooperating Agency: New York State Association for Retarded Citizens, Inc. (ARC)

The ARC is committed to researching and designing an effective system for recognizing, rewarding and providing incentives to its lowest paid staff. Turnover within this staff is high, therefore causing a problem. There is research which indicates that morale (and hence, turnover) can be positively impacted by a well designed system of recognition for performance including commensurate rewards. There is also research indicating that job satisfaction is not only related to pay but to many other factors including job design and frequency and type of recognition. The ARC is not in any position to change the pay scale of its workers, but it can look at how recognizes and rewards performance. The ARC would like to be known as an employer renowned for the way in which it treats its employees. For these reasons, we plan to research and design a Reward, Recognition and Incentive System which will help to address this. The immediate outcome of this project would be to design a Reward, Recognition and Incentive System aimed at the lowest paid members of the staff. The long range desired outcomes are to reduce turnover, reduce absenteeism, achieve higher morale, reduce personnel costs, raise the quality of service delivery, and increase consumer satisfaction.

"Biology: On Line, on Tape, and in Hand" - $3,000

  • Institution Name: Hudson Valley Community College
  • Cooperating Agency: Local Elementary Schools

A survey of fourteen elementary schools in Rensselaer County completed by the Biology Department of Hudson Valley Community College (HVCC) indicates an enthusiastic interest in and need for an innovative "Hands On" scientific experience for their students. Our goal in applying to the Louis and Hortense Rubin Community Fellows Program Grant is to create solutions which make science interesting, challenging, interactive, and easily accessible to the elementary students of our community. The target audience for this program would be grades 3-8. By bringing college faculty into elementary classrooms to provide hands on science enrichment, we hope to establish a link between primary/secondary school students and the college community.