Louis & Hortense Rubin Community Fellowship Awards 1998-99

"Partners in Work: Providing Supportive Employment for the Homeless in Downtown Troy" - $5,425

  • Institution Name: The Sage Colleges
  • Cooperating Agency: Troy Homeless Services Collaborative

This proposal requested funds to conduct a resource analysis and needs assessment of the work, education, and related skills of homeless men and women in downtown Troy. Drawing on the surveys and interviews to be conducted, the project assessed the needs of the local homeless population and evaluated how community resources could support these low-income adults and their families. The results of this research would be used directly by the Homeless Services Collaborative to design and implement new and expanded social entrepreneurism and training opportunities for this population of poor, unemployed, homeless adults.

"Rensselaer Gateway Communities Sage Economic Indications" - $14,268

  • Institution Name: Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, School of Architecture
  • Cooperating Agency: Capital District Community Gardens

The Troy Gateway Initiative is a community development project focused on improving the primary entrances to the City of Troy, with an emphasis on the six bridges that cross the Hudson River and serve as the waterfront "gateways" to the city. The poor design and physical appearance of the areas surrounding the bridges do not effectively market Troys rich architectural heritage, growing commercial areas, and unique waterfront, and diminish civic pride. The Troy Gateway Initiative was established to bring together interested community residents, business owners, government representatives, and non-profit organizations to examine a broad range of physical improvements in the vicinity of the citys principal entrances. The initial efforts have been soliciting input on desirable improvements from the community via a series of public meetings. The goal of the Troy Gateway Initiative design charrette is to take the information collected from these meetings and create a comprehensive, compelling, and sustainable vision for the bridge entrances to the city. The design charrette is a workshop held in a one to three day period in which architects and other design professionals, community leaders, public officials, and citizens work together to envision alternatives for a city/community project, with an emphasis on long-term economic, social, and environmental sustainability.