Louis & Hortense Rubin Community Fellowship Awards 1999-2000

"The Village Elder Care Program: Socialization for Elders and Caregiver Relief for Residents of the Town of Sand Lake" - $6,000

  • Institution Name: The Sage Colleges
  • Cooperating Agency: Town of Sand Lake

The purpose of this project is to provide the elderly and their caregivers supportive assistance though a two-fold program. The first phase will offer home visits by adult volunteers, which will free the caregiver for a couple of hours per week and give the homebound elderly someone who will share special one-on-one time with them. The second phase will involve establishing a day-care environment at the high school where the elderly can enjoy the company of each other and volunteer students. A survey will be conducted to determine the need for a village Elder Care Program in the Town of Sand Lake. This will be done by a needs assessment survey. This survey will determine the following: the number of elderly in the community with their number of caregivers, how many hours per week they would use the services, and their incomes in order to effectively determine fees. A separate survey will be done to seek out and coordinate volunteers for the program. After this information has been processed, a comprehensive look at the program itself will be done to determine a realistic budget.

"Troy Gateway Initiative Charrette, a Community-Based Workshop for the Bridge Entrances to the City of Troy" - $9,500

  • Institution Name: Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, School of Architecture
  • Cooperating Agency: Capital District Community Gardens

The Troy Gateway Initiative is a community development project focused on improving the primary entrances to the City of Troy, with an emphasis on the six bridges that Cross the Hudson River and serve as the waterfront "gateways" to the city. The poor design and physical appearance of the areas surrounding the bridges do not effectively market Troys rich architectural heritage, growing commercial areas, and unique waterfront, and diminish civic pride. The Troy Gateway Initiative was established to bring together interested community residents, business owners, government representatives, and non-profit organizations to examine a broad range of physical improvements in the vicinity of the citys principal entrances. The initial efforts have been soliciting input on desirable improvements from the community via a series of public meetings. The goal of the Troy Gateway Initiative design charrette is take the information collected from these meetings and create a comprehensive, compelling, and sustainable vision for the bridge entrances to the city. The design charrette is a workshop held in a one to three day period in which architects and other design professionals, community leaders, public officials and citizens work together to envision alternatives for a city/community project, with an emphasis on long-term economic, social and environmental sustainability.

"History in Our Own Back Yard" - $6,500

  • Institution Name: The Sage Colleges
  • Cooperating Agency: Hudson Mohawk Industrial Gateway

This proposal seeks funding to extend an existing project at Troys River Spark Visitor Center, a facility now operated for the City of Troy by the Hudson Mohawk Industrial Gateway, expanding our reach from tourists to the youth of Troy. Our plan is to test the feasibility of adapting a model program in the Boston area to the schools of Troy, in which students in the citys public elementary schools create their own "tour brochure" for those wishing to learn more about the history of their own neighborhoods. The overriding goal is to intervene at the elementary school and neighborhood level, in hopes of eventually eradicating the extremely destructive collective case of low self-esteem.

"Genealogical Record Preservation/ Maximizing Library Space/ Grant Writing Mentoring" - $4,500

  • Institution Name: Hudson Valley Community College
  • Cooperating Agency: Nassau Free Library & Castleton Public Library

The Nassau Free Library and the Castleton Public Library are dependent upon the generosity of the town governments of Nassau and Schodack, and the village governments of Nassau and Castleton, as well as the Rensselaer County legislature for funding. As the demand from residents for more library services increases each year, so do the costs associated with those services. Local and county governments cannot always meet the financial needs of our libraries, for example, computers, books, archives, capital improvements, and children programs. We would like the Louis and Hortense Rubin Community Fellows Program to provide us with an individual who is familiar with the preservation of historical genealogical documents, library grant writing, and utilizing limited library space.

"Applying the Child Advocacy Center Model in Rensselaer County: an Evaluation of Current Processes" - $6,000

  • Institution Name: The Sage Colleges
  • Cooperating Agency: START Childrens Center

Child sexual abuse cases are often difficult to investigate and prosecute. Not only is it a highly underreported crime, but the young victims provide unique challenges to professionals in ensuring safety, interviewing, and examining in the courtroom. Child advocacy centers are part of an international effort to reduce the trauma of investigations and prosecutions to child victims and their non-offending family members. The Sexual Trauma and Recovery Team (START) includes local and state police, Child Protective Services, the District Attorney's office, the Sexual Assault Care Center, Samaritan Hospital, Seton Health System, Unified Services, Vanderheyden Hall, and the St. Anne Institute. The first part of the project looked at the organizational structure of the core agencies involved in child sexual abuse investigations, and how the START Children's Center can best be integrated with them. The second and simultaneous part of the project looked at how the team worked as a unit. For the Center to be successful, it must be utilized by each of its members.