Business Administration

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Both the B.S. and B.B.A. in Business Administration in the School of Professional & Continuing Education are completer programs. Students who enter either program have already done some college-level work and are prepared to pursue a Bachelors degree. Required introductory level courses will normally have been completed and transferred in, but when that is not the case a Sage academic advisor will describe alternatives for completing these courses. This innovative program provides students with flexible and convenient modes of delivery designed to meet the needs of working adults.

Students may choose the degree program that best fits their needs and accommodates the coursework they bring in. Both programs provide the knowledge base and the skills necessary for successful business practice and for a career in management. They also provide the foundation needed for entry into an MBA program as well as an accelerated track option that will benefit students who continue into the Sage Graduate Schools own MBA program.BBA Double Photo 2

Students have the choice of carrying a full course load and moving through the business program at an accelerated pace, or of moving through at any speed that is comfortable. To best fit the needs of busy students, the School of Professional & Continuing Education provides a selection of courses, many of them web-enhanced, in evening and weekend formats, delivered over a full 15-week semester, over a half semester with reduced seat-time, or entirely online. This makes it possible for an evening student to take as many as four or five courses per semester without spending more than two or three nights a week in a classroom and to accumulate up to 45 semester credits in a year (3 semesters), or 60 credits in as little as 16 months. Highly motivated students can finish their degrees in much less time than it takes in a traditional (30 credit per year) college program.

The B.S. in Business Administration is for students who are able to accumulate a total of 60 credit hours of liberal arts and sciences. The B.B.A. requires fewer credits hours of liberal arts and sciences and is for students who want to take a larger number of business courses or who bring in a more professional background.

Learning Outcomes

  • Apply appropriate and effective use of technology for organizations.
  • Communicate effectively through the delivery of written and oral presentations.
  • Synthesize managerial practice with stakeholder theory and socially responsible decision making.
  • Analyze, evaluate, and develop effective leadership skills in a variety of settings.
  • Understand the social, financial, environmental, legal/political and global issues facing contemporary organizations.
  • Use critical thinking skills to understand and apply problem solving strategies and techniques for organizational and individual decision making.
  • Demonstrate the ability to integrate knowledge in the sub-disciplines of management through experiential learning.
  • Demonstrate professionalism within the context of the work environment.

Graduation Requirement

Beginning Spring 2014 all graduating business administration students (B.S. and B.B.A.) are required to complete the Peregrine Assessment Exam.  If you are graduating May, August or December 2014, you will take the exam in May 2014.  Students will be notified via MySage email of testing days and times including access information.

Degree Requirements

Business Administration : 60 credits

Core : 42 credits
Complete all of the following:
ACC 201 Financial Accounting
ACC 202 Managerial Accounting
BUS 204 Principles of Marketing
BUS 205 Principles of Management
BUS 212 Business Law I
BUS 213 Business Law II
BUS 308 Human Resource Management
BUS 324 Business Strategy I
BUS 325 Financial Management I
BUS 327 Exper Learning in Business
BUS 335 Management Information Systems
BUS 424 Business Strategy II
ECO 201 Principles of Macroeconomics
ECO 202 Principles of Microeconomics

Complete one of the following : 3 credits
BUS 209 Mathematics for Finance
MAT 112 College Algebra (MAT 113 or higher will satisfy this requirement)

Complete one of the following : 3 credits
MAT 220 Applied Statistics
ECO 215 Statistics for Decision Making

Required Electives in Major : 12 credits
Choose four courses from ACC, BUS, ECO, or LAW.  At least 6 credits in this category must be completed at Sage.  *Students may opt to utilize credits in this category to form a Concentration in marketing or organizational studies. See concentration requirements below.

Marketing Concentration
Students interested in pursuing a career in marketing may opt to utilize these credits to form a concentration of 12 credits in Marketing.

Choose four of the following courses:
BUS 304 Advertising and Promotion
BUS 313 Professional Selling
BUS 320 Digital Marketing
BUS 348 Special Topics in Marketing
BUS 408 Consumer Behavior
BUS 409 Marketing Research

Organizational Studies Concentration
Students interested in pursuing a career in leadership or human resource management may opt to utilize these credits to form a concentration of 12 credits in Organizational Studies.

Choose four of the following courses:

BUS 307 Business Ethics
BUS 314 Organizational Behavior
BUS 340 Leadership and Diversity
BUS 332 Conflict Management and Mediation
BUS 345 Organizational Theory

LIFE Skills Curriculum
General Education Requirements
# of
HUM 112 Language and Community
• Complete HUM 112. 
(ENG 101, ENG 102 or HUM 113 may be used to fulfill this requirement).
• Complete two of the following: ARH, COM, EGL, HUM, PHL, SPA, FRE
Social Science
• Complete two of the following: CRM, ECO, HIS, PSC, PSY, PSYC, SCL
• Complete two of the following: BIO, CHM, PHY, SCI
• Complete MAT 110 or higher.
(ECO 215 or PSY 207 may be used to fulfill this requirement).
Interdisciplinary Topics
• Complete one ITD 300 level course
Technology Competency
• Waiver competency test available
Experiential-Based Learning
in the major
Capstone Seminar
(Senior Project)
in the major
Total LIFE Credits 30-32

*Note: One three credit course may “double count” in helping students to meet both a major requirement and general education requirement. Course credits are not doubled however.

Total minimum credits required for graduation: 120 credits.

MBA Program - Sage Graduate School

Students who have completed 87 credits or more with a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or better, may seek approval to take 6 credits of graduate level coursework as part of their 120 credit Bachelor’s degree requirement.  Permission of Faculty Advisor and the Dean of the School of management is required.