Crime, Law + Justice Policy

Crime, Law & Justice PolicyCrime, Law, and Justice Policy is a multidisciplinary program, which draws upon the social and behavioral sciences for much of its content as well as its methodologies. Many graduates of the program move directly into entry level positions as professionals in the criminal justice system; others choose law school or further study in a range of masters and doctoral degree programs.

In recent years, Sage graduates have accepted positions with the U.S. Marshals Office and the Internal Revenue Service, as well as with state and local law enforcement, judicial, and correctional agencies.

The Bachelor of Science degree in Crime, Law, and Justice Policy is available through the School of Professional and Continuing Education. Students who enter this program have already done some college-level work and are prepared to pursue a bachelors degree. Required introductory level courses will normally have been completed and transferred in, but when that is not the case a Sage academic advisor will describe convenient alternatives for completing these courses. This innovative program provides students with multiple modes for course delivery designed to meet the needs of working adults.

Academic Requirements : 39 credits

Core : 27 credits
Complete all of the the following:
CRM 111 Crim Just Functions and Processes
CRM 311 Criminology
CRM 348 Special Topics in Criminal Justice
CRM 408 Crime, Law & Justice Policy Senior Project
LAW 348 Special Topics in Law
PSC 218 Intro to Public Policy
PSY 207 Statistics with Compuoter Applications
SCL 320 Program Evaluation and Policy Analysis
SCL 350 Research for the Professions

Complete one of the following : 3 credits
CRM 226 Penology
CRM 227 Policing   

Complete one of the following : 3 credits
LAW 101 Introduction to Law
PSC 210 The Courts   

Program Electives : 6 credits
Complete two additional courses in CRM or LAW, 300-level or higher.