Interdisciplinary Studies

Sage College of Albany and the School of Professional & Continuing Education offers a bachelor of science in interdisciplinary studies degree.

Students may design an interdisciplinary major to accommodate unique academic interests and career goals which cannot be met through established majors offered in the regular college curriculum. The Bachelor of Science (B.S.) in Interdisciplinary Studies is a student-designed major and is a structured, cohesive and meaningful integration of courses from two or more disciplines offered by the College. The major courses proposed must represent an integration of disciplines that leads to an identifiable area of intellectual inquiry.  Examples include majors that combine professional coursework in one professional discipline, such as, business and a liberal arts discipline, e.g., psychology.

The interdisciplinary major program must contain at least 36 credits total from two or more disciplines, and at least one of the areas of interest must be drawn from courses required in a currently offered Sage Albany major. A minimum 18 credits from one of the Sage disciplines must be in upper-division courses (300-level or higher).  In addition, a 400-level senior capstone or research project, 3 credits, is also required.

In addition to the above:
Students must meet all the LIFE general education and graduation requirements.
At least 60 of the 120 total credits must be in the liberal arts and sciences.
Total credits required for graduation: 120 (minimum)

Students electing to declare this major program must complete a written proposal before having completed 90 credit hours. Students first consult with the Associate Dean of Academic Advising and faculty advisors in the affected majors to create a written proposal. The proposal will contain a listing of the required major and support courses that will enable students to achieve their objectives.