Liberal Studies

LIberal StudiesThe Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Studies is a School of Professional & Continuing Education degree program intended to (1) meet the educational needs of adult learners, (2) provide opportunities for personal and professional development for returning students, and (3) provide avenues for bachelor degrees where associate and bachelor programs intersect.

The Liberal Studies major consists of:

  • a Liberal Studies Foundation and Capstone Courses (12 credits) and completion of two liberal arts disciplines (21 credits)

Students must complete the College's General Education requirements and a total of 120 credits for the Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Studies (with 90 of the 120 credits based in liberal arts and sciences courses). Students who complete this major will

  • Understand the questions, methods, and perspectives underlying the Liberal Arts and Sciences
  • Define and solve problems through critical and independent thinking
  • Communicate effectively
  • Ground their lifelong learning in historical and theoretical contexts.

For more information, please contact Professor Maureen Gokey, [email protected]

Total credits required in Major : 33 credits

Foundation : 9 credits
Complete all of the following:
HUM 113 Humanities Seminar III: Language and the Human Experience
Liberal Arts & Sciences course
Liberal Arts & Sciences course

Individual Studies Emphasis : 21 credits
In consultation with the Program Coordinator, students complete 21 credits in two Liberal Arts & Sciences disciplines:
Liberal Arts discipline #1 : 12 credits
Liberals Arts discipline #2 : 9 credits

Senior Capstone Project : 3 credits
Complete the following:
HUM 403 Senior Seminar: Community as Text

LIFE Skills Curriculum
General Education Requirements - SPCE

Total credits required for degree completion: 120 credits