PsychologyReady to complete a bachelor's degree in psychology?  Then we're ready for you!

In this rapidly changing world increasingly dominated by technology, the study of human behavior is essential. It is important to learn those factors that contribute to a happy and well- adjusted life, that foster positive development in children, and that lead to successful coping with stress. In addition, we need to know how to respond, to react, and to adjust to each other. Sage offers adult working students the only evening program in psychology within the Capital Region.

Most students who apply to the School of Professional and Continuing Education  program in Psychology will have completed core and introductory level courses which are captured as transfer credits. The Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology will build on these fundamental requirements.

The psychology program offers theoretical and applied courses geared to the understanding of human behavior. The program is designed to enhance analytical reasoning and critical thinking skills necessary for the work world or for entry into graduate study.


Learning Outcomes

Upon completing our program, students will:

  • Demonstrate knowledge of the major concepts, theoretical perspectives and historical trends in psychology
  • Use basic research methods in psychology, including design, data analysis and interpretation of findings
  • Generate applications of psychology to personal, social, and organizational issues
  • Reflect the characteristic values of those trained in the science of psychology
  • Emerge from the major with realistic ideas about how to pursue careers in psychology and related fields
  • Demonstrate information competence and the ability to incorporate technology
  • Use critical and creative thinking, skeptical inquiry, and the scientific approach to problem-solving
  • Recognize and respect the complexity of socio-cultural diversity
  • Communicate effectively
  • Demonstrate interpersonal skills for interacting with others in diverse settings

American Psychological Association (2007).  APA guidelines for the undergraduate psychology major.  Washington, DC:  Author.

Major Requirements: 40 Credits

Core : 25 credits
Complete all of the following:
PSY 101 - Introduction to Psychology
PSY 202 - Human Development
PSY 207 - Statistics with Comp Applications
PSY 308 - Abnormal Psychology
PSY 319 - Group Dynamics
PSY 353 - Research Design in Psychology
PSY 375 - Proseminar: Personal Pathways : 1 credit
PSY 405 - Senior Seminar
PSY 425 - Great Ideas in Psychology

Interactions with the Environment, Self and Others : 6 credits
Complete two of the following:
PSY 301 - Social Psychology
PSY 327 - Environmental Psychology
PSY 406 - Personality Theory
PSY 440 - Cognition

Applications of Psychology : 9 credits
Complete three of the following:
PSY 304 - Counseling: Theory & Practice
PSY 305 - Psy of Persuasion & Influence
PSY 326 - Health Psychology
PSY 339 - Psychology and Law
PSY 417 - Motivation in the Workplace

General Education Requirements

General Education Requirements - SPCE