Sage's Esteves School of Education Expands Community Outreach Programs

Sage's Esteves School of Education Expands Community Outreach

The Sage Colleges Esteves School of Education has created several new community outreach programs designed to extend student and faculty reach beyond the traditional classroom, develop stronger connections with the community, and positively impact issues such as high school dropout rate.

The Esteves School of Education strives to create opportunities that allow students close interaction with faculty and peers, working in a collaborative practice environment where they gain clinically-rich field experience through service learning and student teaching placements tailored to each student's program and career goals.

"These programs not only allow future and current educators to develop their teachings skills, but provide much needed services to at-risk students from high poverty communities," said Lori Quigley, dean of the Esteves School of Education. "The attention received and confidence gained is critical to an adolescents' academic success or failure."

Help Yourself Academy

The Esteves School of Education has collaborated with the Help Yourself Foundation to establish an after school program for minority and at-risk students to build the pipeline into health science fields. Students in grades 3-8 in the Troy school district will come to the Russell Sage campus after school and take part in the foundation's STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) curriculum. There are currently 27 students in the program, meeting two afternoons a week during the academic year.

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Sage All Stars

Sage is developing a program to provide Troy area middle and high school students an after school program whose curriculum and activities address literacy, wellness, and career education services. Middle school is a critical time in determining adolescents' academic success or failure, and these years are particularly traumatic in schools serving students from high poverty communities where there are many social pressures to under-perform. Many urban districts – including Troy – have high school dropout rates approaching 50 percent.

The Sage All Stars program has several goals:

  1. support urban students so that they are academically successful and can effectively negotiate social pressures
  2. improve urban students' academic skills and sense of efficacy so that they enter high school with confidence in their ability to succeed
  3. broaden students' visions of the future so that they view post-secondary education and/or training as viable choices in their own lives

"Sage All Stars is intended to improve young teens' success in middle school, increase the likelihood that they will enter high school with the confidence, knowledge, and skills that they can succeed, and avoid of lifetimes of poverty," said Quigley.

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Professional Development Schools

The Esteves School of Education engages in collaborative partnerships with schools for the purpose of professional preparation. The Professional Development Schools (PDS) model provides cooperative supervision of pre-service teachers, specialists, school counselors and educational leaders; closer connections to classroom, school and district practice; and research to improve educational practice.

Sage student teachers are placed in cohorts with their professors at PDS sites, and junior methods courses are taught on-site at a Troy public school, where students also complete field experiences required for teacher certification.

"Educating the educators who shape the lives of our younger generation is a responsibility and privilege we take very seriously," said Lori Quigley, dean of the Esteves School of Education. "We expect all Sage candidates to demonstrate leadership and create optimal educational outcomes for all learners and these newly created programs allow them to do so."

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Sage is currently renovating space on the Troy campus to develop the Sage Educational Leadership and Learning Academy (SELLA), which will house its many community outreach programs while serving as a support center for students and teachers.

The mission of the Esteves School of Education is to prepare highly effective leaders, educators, teachers, school counselors, and clinicians who support, encourage, and create learning environments that meet the learning needs of all students, who strive to include students with disabilities with all necessary supports, who value diversity, who are reflective, and who are knowledgeable about best practices.