Faculty Accolades

Faculty Accolades

Winter 2013-2014


McElligott Recognized in Journal of Teaching Mathematics, Wins Award   

Clare Bell, assistant professor at the UMKC School of Education and president of the Kansas City Area Teachers of Mathematics (KCATM) has published Sharing Beans With Friends. (Bell, C. V. Developing number sense with literature: Sharing beans with friends. Teaching Children Mathematics.) The paper discusses the value of using children's literature - and specifically, Bean Thirteen - as a basis for introducing complex math concepts, and provides a number of specific activities to accompany the book.

A math-based picture book Matthew McElligott wrote a couple of years ago has been used as the basis for a paper published in the November issue of the Journal of Teaching Mathematics.

McElligott's book, Even Monsters Need Haircuts, won the 2012-2013 "Prairie Bud" award, South Dakota's statewide children's literature award. Every year, a committee of educators and librarians select the books nominated for the awards, which are then voted on by schoolchildren throughout the state. 

Matthew McElligott, MAH
Associate Professor, Graphic + Media Design

Davis's Second Poetry Book Released  

Melody Davis's poetry book, Holding the Curve, (Frankfort, NY: Broadstone Media, 2013), was recently printed. Her work is available online from http://broadstonebooks.com. Holding the Curve is her second book of poetry and was supported by the National Endowment for the Arts and a Pennsylvania Council of the Arts grants. 

Her ongoing research includes Doubling The Vision: Women and Narrative Stereography, 1870-1910 forthcoming in 2015 from The University Press of New Hampshire/University Press of New England. In this book, she looks at the subject of historical, narrative stereography as it was marketed to the home and women and reflected feminine tastes and concerns.

Melody Davis, PhD

Assistant Professor of Art History


Dahlgren Featured on Interactive Magazine Website 

An interview with Jean Dahlgren appeared on the website Digital Meets Culture. Dahlgren discussed the evolution and acceptance of digitally manipulated art forms over the past 20 years. You can read the interview in its entirety here.

Jean Dahlgren, PhD

Associate Professor of Graphic + Media Design


Shankman Teaches for Smithsonian

Gary Shankman taught landscape and pastel courses for the Smithsonian again in the summer. He enjoys teaching for the Smithsonian each year.  "I have students who retake my courses and appreciate what I offer as an instructor. Of course many who return tell me they have not painted or drawn since my last course even though I encourage them to continue to study and create. My pleasure is helping them enjoy their time with me and keeping their interest in learning alive."

Gary Shankman, MFA
Professor & Coordinator of Fine Arts


Reinecke, Stolfi and Caminos Present Collaborative Research 

Dana Reinecke, Laura Stolfi and Michelle Caminos presented at The Teaching Professor Technology Conference in Atlanta in October on "Using Technology to Support Learners with Cognitive Disabilities in Online Environments." 

Dana Reinecke, PhD, BCBA-D
Assistant professor of Applied Behavior Analysis

Laura Stolfi, MS, BCBA
Director of Sage Achieve Program

Michelle Caminos, MSEd, MS
Associate Dean, School of Professional and Continuing Education


Reinecke Presents at Annual Conference of Florida Association for Behavior Analysis

Dana Reinecke presented at the annual conference of the Florida Association for Behavior Analysis in Daytona Beach in September on supporting student research in an online graduate program and, with Sarah Russell SGS '13, on rates of language acquisition across different teaching methodologies. 

Dana Reinecke, PhD, BCBA-D
Assistant Professor of Applied Behavior Analysis


Powell-Lambright Recognized by YWCA

Tiffany Powell-Lambright was honored by the YWCA of the Greater Capital Region at its Resourceful Women's luncheon in November. As director of the Help Yourself Academy at Sage, Powell-Lambright works with graduate education students, board-certified teachers and Troy principals to bring schoolchildren to the Troy campus twice a week during the school year, for interactive lessons in science, math and technology. Powell-Lambright is also a consultant to the Troy school district, providing diversity and sensitivity training to teachers, staff, parents and students.

Tiffany Powell-Lambright, PhD
Assistant Professor, MAT Mathematics


Finn Shares Findings on Collaborative Partnerships  

Lori Finn presented on using collaborative partnerships to support students with autism at the New York State Association of Teacher Educators/New York Association of Colleges for Teacher Education annual fall conference, in Saratoga Springs, N.Y. 

Lori Finn, PhD, BCBA-D
Assistant Professor of Applied Behavior Analysis


Ostryn Appointed to Autism Advocacy Board

Cheryl Ostryn was appointed to the board of the Autism Society of the Greater Capital Region. She hosted a workshop about working with individuals with autism at Sage in December.

Cheryl Ostryn, PhD, BCBA-D

Assistant Professor of Applied Behavior Analysis


Kupferschmidt Introduces Learning App to Help Children with Autism

Sarah Kupferschmidt co-founded Special Appucations, a company focused on addressing the unique and specific learning needs of children with autism and other developmental delays. Special Appucations just introduced the ABA Find It! educational application. The interactive app is geared specifically toward helping children with autism learn about language.

Sarah Kupferschmidt, MA, BCBA
Adjunct Professor of Applied Behavior Analysis


Acerbi Recently Published, Participates in Brazil Conference    

Patricia Acerbi's article, "A Long Poem of Walking: Flaneurs, Vendors, and Chronicles of Post-abolition Rio de Janeiro," was published in the January 2014 Journal of Urban History

Acerbi was also invited to be a panelist at the Fifth International Symposium on Brazilian History: "Brazil-USA: New Generations, New Perspectives," in Rio de Janeiro.

Patricia Acerbi, PhD
Assistant Professor of History


Leibo Published in Education about Asia  

Steven Leibo authored an article entitled "The New Mongolia" that appeared in the most recent edition of Education about Asia

Steven Leibo, PhD
Professor of Modern International History and Politics


Xu Presents Research at Conferences      

Huimin Xu had two competitive papers accepted for symposium presentation at the Association for Consumer Research annual conference in Chicago in October 2013. The papers were titled "Descriptive Norm as a Moderator in Predicting Fundraising Responses from Involvement and Social Influence Susceptibility" and "Staging the Museumspace: Overlapping Personal, Social, and Hedonic Experiences."

Xu, together with her co-author, presented a competitive paper titled "More Materialism Means Less Philanthropy? It Depends on Social Trust" at the American Marketing Association Summer Educators' conference in Boston in August 2013. This research identified the redeeming power of social trust in holding materialism in check. At a high level of social trust, materialism doesn't translate to less engagement in philanthropic behavior.

Huimin Xu, PhD
Assistant Professor of Marketing


Salomon and Lawrence Speak about Interdisciplinary Courses

David Salomon and Deborah Lawrence presented "Design, Delivery, and Dynamics of an Interdisciplinary Course" at the 5th Annual Conference on Teaching Excellence at SUNY Plattsburgh in April 2013.

David Salomon, PhD
Associate Professor, English and Modern Languages
Director, The Kathleen Donnelly Center for Undergraduate Research

Deborah Lawrence, PhD
Associate Professor, Math and Computer Sciences


Salomon Presents on Augustine and Hamlet

In June, David Salomon presented "Reading Augustine in Medieval England," at the First Annual Symposium on Medieval and Renaissance Studies in St. Louis, and "Hamlet in Hyperspace: Writing, Technology and the Future of Ideas," at the 2013 Teaching Professor Conference in New Orleans.

David Salomon, PhD
Associate Professor, English and Modern Languages
Director, The Kathleen Donnelly Center for Undergraduate Research


Klane Recognized for Independent Press Project      

Matthew Klane's most recent small press project, The Problem of Boredom in Paradise: Selected Poems by Paul Hannigan, was written up in The Boston Globe as the Best Poetry of 2013. The book is a recovery project that resurrects the work of a forgotten (and sparsely published) Boston poet from the 70s. The piece in the Globe was written by Don Share, new editor of Poetry magazine.  

Klane is the founder of Film Forum, an independent press for the publication of contemporary poetry. "We do one book a year, some strange book-length project that can't find a home elsewhere, mostly first books by emerging writers working in experimental forms."  

Matthew Klane, PhD
Lecturer, English, Arts and Letters

Vertone's study published 

Regina Vertone's research, "Parallels Between Mentor/Mentee Relationship With Supervisor/Employee Relationship. JLAMS, 9(2): 28-32," was recently published.

Regina Vertone, MLS

Access Services Librarian


Vertrone and Anderson Present at Technology Conference

Regina Vertone and Jennifer Anderson presented "Citation management software: Revolutionizing research and scholarly writing" at the Technologies in Education Conference, in Albany in May . 

Regina Verton, MLS
Access Services Librarian

Jennifer Anderson, MS
Collections and Serials Librarian


Matthews and Jenks Study Published, Awarded Grant

The most recent research from Dorothy Matthews and Susan Jenks was published. Matthews, D.M. & Jenks, S.M. (2013). "Ingestion of Mycobacterium vaccae decreases anxiety-related behavior and improves learning in mice. Behavioural Processes."

Matthews and Jenks were also awarded a grant from The Bender Scientific Fund of The Community Foundation for the Greater Capital Region to further study the effects of non-pathogenic bacterium Mycobacterium vaccae (M. vaccae) on mice. They will research the effects of this bacterium on anxiety-related behaviors and learning in mice by examining developmental effects transferred from mothers to their offspring.

Dorothy Matthews, PhD
Professor of Biology

Susan Jenks, PhD
Associate Professor of Psychology & Biology


McIntyre Leads Session at Florida Conference

McIntyre led a participant idea exchange (PIE), "Teaching About Emerging Adulthood: Integrating Culture," with Dr. Jennifer Oliver of Rockhurst University at the 36th Annual National Institute on the Teaching of Psychology conference in St. Pete Beach, Florida in early January.

Julie McIntyre, PhD
Associate Professor, Psychology


MacNeil and O'Connor Awarded Grant for Mentor Program

Cheryl MacNeil and Patricia O'Connor, in partnership with the Hoosick Armory Youth Center Community Coalition and Troy Drug Free Community Coalition received a grant award for a Drug Free Community Coalition Mentor Program sponsored by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA). The award was one of 19 made nationally, with only two others in New York State. 

Cheryl MacNeil, PhD
Associate Professor of Occupational Therapy

Patricia O'Connor, PhD

Professor of Psychology


Thompson's Book Published 

Grief and the Expressive Arts: Practices for Creating Meaning, edited by Barbara E. Thompson, LCSW, OTD & Robert A. Neimeyer, Ph.D, was released in January.

The book discusses pragmatic and creative suggestions to assist individuals in recovery from loss through psychotherapy, specifically grief therapy. Chapters include recent theories and empirical research to provide support for clinical practice, including music, creative writing, visual arts, dance and movement, as well as theatre and performance. Using an interdisciplinary approach, the book offers guidance universally across settings and fields of interest.

Barbara Thompson, LCSW, OTD
Professor of Occupational Therapy


Hand and MacNeil Present Study at Education Summit       

Theresa Hand and Cheryl MacNeil presented a research paper, "Enhancing Occupational Therapy Education through Faculty Engagement in Curriculum Mapping and Pedagogical Reflection," at the American Occupational Therapy Association/National Board for Certification in Occupational Therapy Education Summit in Atlanta in October. 

A participatory evaluation study examined a graduate occupational therapy program using curriculum mapping and reflective faculty interviews. Faculty engaged in analysis of program alignment, pedagogy and assessment and the process resulted in an action plan that enhanced collaboration, and created a more streamlined and integrated program. 

Theresa Hand, OTD, OTR/L, CHT
Associate Professor, Department Chair and Program Director, Occupational Therapy

Cheryl MacNeil, PhD
Associate Professor of Occupational Therapy


Dacher Presents at Health Conference; Published in Times Union

Joan Dacher was the plenary speaker at the New York State Department of Health Conference, "Cancer Prevention and Control: Making a Difference across Communities, Putting the State Plan into Action," in September. As chair of the New York State Cancer Control Plan Palliative Care Committee, she was asked to speak to the role of palliative care in cancer care across the continuum of care. She also led a breakout session on palliative care and the New York State Cancer Control Plan that focused on promoting the CDC-mandated Cancer Control Plan and cutting-edge initiatives in palliative care for individuals with cancer diagnoses in New York State.

Dacher was also invited to write for the Times Union Live Smart Column, and in October, they published her article: "Health Literacy a Key to Your Best Health."

Joan Dacher, PhD, RN, GNP
Professor of Nursing
Director, Doctor of Nursing Science Program


Gras and Pohl's Alzheimer's Research Published, Receives Salant Award           

Laura Gras and Patricia Pohl had their research, "Balance and Gait Deficits in Adults with Very Mild Alzheimer's Disease," accepted for publication in the Journal of Geriatric Physical Therapy.

They also presented their research at the New York Physical Therapy Association's Annual Conference in Albany in October and received the Robert Salant Award for Outstanding Research Presentation.

They will present on the same topic at the American Physical Therapy Association's Combined Sections Meeting in Las Vegas in February.   

Laura Gras, PT, DPT, DSc, GCS
Associate Professor of Physical Therapy

Patricia Pohl, PhD
Chair of the Physical Therapy Program


Gras and Rea Share Research on Balance

Laura Gras and Mary Rea presented at the New York Physical Therapy Association's Annual Conference in Albany in October on "Improving Balance by Walking Education and the Wii" and will present on the same topic at the American Physical Therapy Association's Combined Sections Meeting in Las Vegas in February.

Laura Gras, PT, DPT, DSc, GCS
Associate Professor of Physical Therapy

Mary Rea, PhD

Chair of Biology


Moriello and Pathare Receive Salant Award

Gabriele Moriello and Neeti Pathare with Physical Therapy alumnae Cono Cirone, Danielle Pastore, Dacia Shears, and Sahira Sulehri were awarded the Robert Salant Award for Outstanding Research Presentation for "Comparison of forward versus backward walking using body weight supported treadmill training in an individual with a spinal cord injury: a single subject design." 

Gabriele Moriello, PT, PhD
Assistant Professor, Physical Therapy

Neeti Pathare, PT, PhD

Associate Professor, Physical Therapy


Moriello's Collaborative Research Published, To be Presented at Conferences 

Gabriele Moriello with PT alumnae Rita Cole, Brendan Ryan, Abigail Schuck and Spencer Swift recently had the manuscript "Recovery of golfing ability in someone with an incomplete spinal cord injury: a case report" accepted for publication in Disability & Rehabilitation. They are also presenting their findings at the American Physical Therapy Association's Combined Sections Meeting in Las Vegas in February. 

Moriello and PT alumna Sarah Shea recently had the manuscript "Feasibility and outcomes of a classical Pilates program on lower extremity strength, posture, balance, gait and quality of life in someone with impairments due to a stroke" accepted for publication in the Journal of Bodywork & Movement Therapies

Moriello and Michelle Haller, adjunct professor at Sage, along with PT alumnae Alexandra Adams, Lydia Cable, Katie Stone and Alyssa Ingegni had the article "Running outcomes following an intensive exercise program in those with brain injury" accepted for publication in Clinical Kinesiology

Moriello, Katie Ehlman and Mary Ligon had the article "The impact of intergenerational oral history on perceived generativity in older adults" accepted for publication in the Journal of Intergenerational Relationships and the article "Validation of the Attitude-Older Adult and Aging-Visual Analogue Scales (At-O-A)" accepted for publication in Educational Gerontology.

Moriello along with Ehlman and Ligon are presenting the findings of their research "Impact of oral history on students' attitudes toward older adults and aging: a comparison between interviewing family members and strangers" at the Association for Gerontology in Higher Education Annual Conference in Denver in February.

Gabriele Moriello, PT, PhD
Assistant Professor, Physical Therapy


Congratulations to the 2013-2014 Schacht Faculty Research Award Recipients 

The Schacht Faculty Research Grant program was established as part of the Elmer C. Schacht Memorial Fund in January 2009.  Full-time faculty of The Sage Colleges are eligible to apply.  The program provides support for pilot projects or the expansion of existing research projects and scholarly endeavors.  Completion of the project should result in data or new knowledge that will be published or presented in a peer-reviewed venue; or lead to a well-defined benefit to the community or target population; or the conduct of an event or performance. 

The awards were coordinated by David Salomon, associate professor of English and Modern Languages and Director of The Kathleen Donnelly Center for Undergraduate Research.  


Presenting the paper, A Long Poem of Walking



Patricia Acerbi, PhD
Assistant Professor of History acerbp@sage.edu


Encouraging Positive Perceptions of Research Ability and the Professional Utility of Research by
Reducing Fear of Failure



Sarah Butler, PhD
Assistant Professor, Psychology


Investigating the role of matrix metalloproteinases in growth factor-induced migration and invasion of
epithelial cells

Jennifer Freytag, PhD
Assistant Professor, Biology



Asia and the Climate Crisis





Steven Leibo, PhD
Professor of Modern International
History and Politics

Incarcerated women, trauma histories, psychological and physical health outcomes









Janel Leone, PhD
Assistant Professor, Law & Society, Interdisciplinary Studie
Marisa Beeble, PhD
Assistant Professor, Psychology, Interdisciplinary Studies

Effect of Exposure of M. vaccae by Pre-pregnant,
Pregnant and Lactating Mice on Learning and Anxiety in their Offspring







Dorothy Matthews, PhD
Professor of Biology

Susan Jenks, PhD
Associate Professor of Psychology & Biology

Effect of 10 weeks of Taekwondo Training on Physical Performance Measures in Children



Neeti Pathare, PhD
Associate Professor, Physical Therapy

Attitudes of microfinance clients toward Islamic microfinance in Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan




Manijeh Sabi, PhD
Professor of Economics

Effects of acute stress on motor control of the lower extremity in physically active individuals: Potential risk factor for ACL injury



Michael Smith, PhD
Associate Professor of Biology



The Effect of WIC participation on labor supply of
females and duration of maternal leave


Ceren Ertan Yörük, PhD
Assistant Professor of Economics