Tips for Happier Holidays

[Dr. John Pelizza]Managing Seasonal Stress

John Pelizza, Ph.D., associate professor of health education, offers helpful tips to stay mentally fit during the holiday season.

  • Spend time by yourself and be grateful for what you have and stop focusing on what don’t have.
  • Help someone who is less fortunate than you.
  • Spend as much quality time with the people you love.
  • Keep exercising during the holiday season. Exercise will help prevent and manage stress.
  • Eat lots of fruits and vegetables, especially at holiday parties. Reduce your intake of fats and sugars.
  • Remember, it’s OK if you don’t attend every holiday party and everything doesn’t have to be perfect!

[Dr. Nina Marinello]Healthy Eating Suggestions

Nina Marinello, Ph.D., associate professor and chair of nutrition, shares ways to maintain your healthy eating habits during the holiday season.

  • During the holidays it helps to be a picky eater. Eat only your favorite treats and savor every bite.
  • Don’t starve yourself all day because you want to save calories, you’ll only eat more at the party. Have lighter meals during the day and be sure to include some protein.
  • If you can’t resist tasting all the tempting foods, just take two bites. That’s usually enough to satisfy the craving.
  • Use vegetables and salad to fill at least ¾ of your plate, then fill the rest with whatever you want.
  • Keep track of what you didn’t eat. If you had two cookies instead of six, jot it down to help you reaffirm your willpower.

[Cylon George]Spirituality During the Holiday Season

Cylon George, chaplain at Sage's Spirituality Center, offers perspectives on making the holidays meaningful.

  • Take time to be truly present to those you love during the holidays, even as you frantically search for that perfect gift for a loved one.
  • Take some time out for quiet reflection, prayer or meditation to help ease the stress of the holidays.
  • Take the time to enter deeply into your own religious, spiritual or other sacred holiday traditions.