Spotlight on Sage: Video Highlights


Excellent Academics; Relevant Education; Engaged Community. Highlights include:President Susan Scrimshaw's Inauguration; Sage's 94th Commencement; the Inaugural Health Conference; efforts towards Haitian Relief; Sage's theatre productions; Sage's art exhibitions; Sage community service days; Relay for Life; Day of Silence; Sage's China, Thailand Connections; and Donna Esteves' $1.5 Million matching gift challenge.

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Smart; Dynamic; Engaged. Highlights include:  Interim President Susan Scrimshaw; Dr. Steven Leibo's Climate Project; Sage's 93rd Commencement; INVEST Incubator; Sage's theatre productions; Sage's art exhibitions; Awareness and visibility campaigns; Sage's expanded athletics; President Obama's inauguration; and Sage's Thailand and China Connections.

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