Black History Month 2016

The Sage Colleges is proud to host a series of culturally rich programs and educational events commemorating Black History Month throughout the month of February in 2015 and beyond.

Questions, comments and concerns may be directed to Mike Baumgardner, Associate Vice President for Student Life and Dean of Students at Russell Sage (


Schedule of Events

 Feb. 1 Kickoff Celebration 12-2pm Buchman Pavilion, RS
 Feb. 1 Kickoff Celebration 12-2 pm Kahl Campus Center, (224), SCA
 Feb. 3 WORLD Series Program                                                   A Charge to Keep: Tearing Down the Wall of Segregation in the USA 1-2 pm Bush Memorial, RSC
 Feb. 8 Panel and Discussion on Diversity and Inclusion 6-9 pm Bush Memorial, RSC
 Feb. 10 History Makers of Tomorrow                                 Featuring guest speaker, Richard Smith 1-2 pm Opalka Lecture Hall, SCA
Feb. 12 Kings and Queens of Sage SCA Dance Party             $2 Entry Fee 10 pm Freddie's, SCA
Feb. 14 Black History Month Stroll and STEP Performance Show, $5 payable to Student Life Office in RSC/SCA by February 10th 5 pm Albany Palace Theatre
Feb. 15 #Sageunity Student Art Exhibit 4:30 pm Freddie's SCA
Feb. 15 Movie Screening                                                         Selma 8 pm Kahl Campus Center, (224), SCA
Feb. 16 Movie Screening                                                       Selma 7 pm Bush Memorial, RSC
Feb. 21 S.A.L.A.N.A Dinner and a Movie                                featuring Do the Right Thing 5 pm Kahl Campus Center, (224), SCA
Feb. 23 Umoja First: Spirit of Togetherness Student Showcases 7 pm Little Theatre, RSC
Feb. 24 The Black Experience: Exploring Black History, Culture, Fashion, and Food 7 pm Kahl Campus Center, (224), SCA
Feb. 25 BLSA Cultural Café                                                    Featuring Doundounba an African Drumming Experience 6 pm Buchman Pavilion, RSC