Shanghai International Business and Economics University Visitor Program


Sage's President Susan C. Scrimshaw and Shanghai's Vice President Madam Xu Xiaowei formalize their commitment of continued student and scholar exchange program and the creation of 2+2 and 3+1 joint bachelor programs.

(Beginning front left: President Susan C. Scrimshaw, Vice President Madam Xu  Xiaowei , Lu Wanli, Dean of the School of Account, Yang Xiaoyan, Dean of the School of International Education, Xu Yonglin, Dean of the School of Finance, Cui Shulin, Dirctor of Physical Education, Kim Fredericks, Associate Dean of the School of Management, Daniel Robeson, Dean of the School of Management, Ta Hua, Director of the Teaching Administration Office, BenBehzad Khajejzadeh, Professor of Business Administraton, MCLA, Terry Weiner, Proviost, Gerald Shaye, Executive in Residence, Daniel Lundquist, Vice President for Marketing & Enrollment Management) 

Welcome to The Sage Colleges. The Sage Colleges is located in Albany and Troy, New York, in the Northeast of the United States. ranked the Albany-Schenectady-Troy tri-city area third on a national list of "Best Places with the Best Education," and Albany/Troy NY was voted the "least stressful city" to live and work by the Sperling Stress Index.

We are pleased that you are interested in possibly studying at Sage of a semester of exchange or to participate in the joint Bachelor degree programs in the United States. This website should answer many of your questions regarding; how to apply at SIBEU to attend school at The Sage Colleges, visa requirements and application, travel and study.

Academics -  The Sage Colleges offers many academic majors between our Troy and Albany campuses.  From Business, to Pre-law, to Education.  The course options are wide open for your study in the U.S.  Many past Shanghai Institute of Foreign Trade students have takes such elective classes as; Public Speaking, Arabic Language Studies, and Mythology.   The Office of Cultural Enrichment is here to assist you to find classes which are of interest to you and to enhance your academic major.2010 SIFT

Summer sun

Weather - The Albany area experiences all four seasons. Resulting in the weather varying from season to season. Temperature ranges from 60o to 85o Fahrenheit (18o to 29o Celsius) in the summer to 0o to 38o F (-17o to 3o C) in the winter.

The Albany, New York area can receive a large amount of snow in late fall throughout winter. During the rest of the year, rain showers can occur unexpectedly, and the humidity level can be uncomfortably high, especially in the summer. Weather conditions are more moderate during the spring and fall.

Application Process - If you are interested in applying to attend the Sage College/SIBEU exchange please 2009 SIFTcomplete the Sage/SIBEU application.     











Visa Requirements - SIFT students must have a J-1 U.S visa to enter the United States. Once you have been accepted to The Sage/SIBEU exchange or joint degree programs, you must set up an appointment with the U.S. Consulate nearest you to apply for your student visitor visa. If you are coming as a one semester exchange student you will be applying for a J-1 visa.  If you are coming for joint degree program you will apply for a F-1 visa.  These visa status allows you to study in the United States.

 International Student Orientation - All new international students are required to attend orientation which run 9 days before the fall academic semester begins and 3 days before the spring semester begins. Students should plan to attend all events during this time. For a look at the New International Student Orientation schedule, click on the link at the bottom of this page.

Cultural Enrichment - Several trips are planned while you are studying in thSIFT NYC tripe United Sates. You will take a tour of the Albany area, shop at a local shopping mall, travel to New York City, Boston, or Washington D.C. These trips are covered in your cost of the program.Your cultural Enrichment fee will include the cost of the SIBEU faculty member who travels with you and the Cultural Enrichment administrator. 

SIBEU students can also participate in college run trips as well to outlet malls for more shopping, New York City to see a Broadway play and more.

Also while you study at Sage you can take advantage of your own self directed travel. The Office of Cultural Enrichment will assist you in your travel planning.

Pam Katz in China



In December 2013/14 -  Terry Weiner, Provost and Kimberly Fredericks, Associate Dean of the School of Management will travel to SIBEU.