Live Well 101

Welcome to Live Well 101!

Live Well 101 is a different kind of course that helps to ensure Sage students are getting the most out of their college years by helping to keep them healthy, aware and their own kind of fit!

Live Well 101 is made up of several components to help ensure that there is something for everyone:

  • Cafe Well
    Live Well 101 will be using Cafe Well an online health social networking site. Cafe Well offers a variety of challenges that help you stay on track and keep you entertained.
    • Just create a user idea and join and enjoy the benefits of Cafe Well
    • Once you've created a Cafe Well account, please email your screen name so we can give you credit for your activities to: [email protected]
    • For any Live Well sponsored challenge, you will have the opportunity to win prizes and earn Live Points
    • Challenges will be of all shapes and sizes. Upcoming challenges will be announced below in the Weekly Announcements.
  • Quizzes: "How Well do You Fit?"
  • Discussion Forums: "Well, what do you have to say about it?"
  • Event Calendar
  • Resources

All of the above components offer opportunities to earn points and like any competition, the more points you earn, the more PRIZES you win!

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For More Information

Jill Grebert, ATC
Director of Recreation and Fitness
The Sage Colleges
518-292-1967 | [email protected]