Wallace J. Curley

Wally CurleyWallace J. Curley ("Wally") is an alum of Russell Sage College, Class of 1950, which may surprise those who know that Russell Sage, founded in 1916, remains a college for women today.

In 1941, Sage began offering adult education classes at RSC and to support our troops during World War II, Sage enrolled men through the G.I. Bill. During the 40's and early 50's, a small number of men attended Russell Sage College. Wally eagerly shares his recollections of what it was like for him and for his friends to attend a women's college at that time, "Just great!"

Wally joined the Army in 1946 at time when the war was coming to an end and according to Wally, "...we just wanted to be there." After an honorable discharge in 1948, Wally applied to a number of colleges, including Harvard, Princeton and Yale, but enrolled at Sage after hearing about the opportunities available there. Wally has many fond memories of the people that many of the buildings at Sage ware named for: The Buchman's, Helen McKinstry, Freddie Slingerland, the Upton's, and the Plum family.

Wally wrote for the Troy Record for more than 30 years and maintains an active life today. He can often be found at the local senior center, or at the Troy Farmer's Market, or sharing one of his infamous tales of one of his countless legendary friends.