Abstract Submission Instructions

Please format the authors and title as follows for both platform and poster presentations:

Last name, First name, Middle Initial for all authors – Presenting authors should be bolded and TriBeta members should be underlined. Name of TriBeta chapter. Full name of college/university. Bolded title of poster/platform presentation.

The body of the abstract is limited to 200 words. The abstract should include background, results, and conclusions. Avoid abbreviations and references in abstract if possible.

Only posters and platform presentations with presenting TriBeta undergraduate members are eligible for an award. Since some induction ceremonies occur in April, students who will be inducted are eligible for an award. Non-TriBeta members are still encouraged to present, but are not eligible for an award.

Poster Size
Maximum size: 36 inches high x 48 inches wide

Platform Presentation
Oral Presentations will be 15 minutes (~13 minutes for the talk followed by ~2 minutes for questions)