What is Sage doing to be greener?
  • Introducing Single Stream Recycling across both campuses
  • Adding “hydration stations” for refilling water bottles
    • located in the Shea Learning Center in Troy
    • various locations in Albany – thanks to a gift from SCA Student Government!
  • Incorporating environmentally-friendly measures in building renovations. For example, Shea Learning Center features:
    • High-efficiency lighting design
    • Occupancy-based lighting and HVAC
    • Variable-speed refrigerant system
    • High-efficiency condensing boiler
    • Hand dryers in bathrooms instead of paper towels
  • A Committee on Academic Information Technology (CAIT) is discussing ways to reduce printing for academic purposes
  • Sage institutes energy savings plans during each college break, closing certain buildings entirely and employing reduced hours to minimize heating
  • Lights and windows have been swapped out for energy efficient models
  • The temperature has been reduced in buildings during the winter
  • Boilers were replaced with more efficient models
  • LED/solar lights are used outdoors
  • Computer labs now feature virtual hard drives
  • New gardens on both campuses not only beautify outdoor spaces, the feature plants native to the region and sustainable design
Introducing single-stream recycling across both campuses.
  • Easy and convenient.
  • No sorting needed.
  • Throw all recyclables in one container.
  • Bins provided.

Benefits of Single Stream Recycling

The Single Stream approach allows all recyclables to be collected in the same container, making recycling convenient and easy for our students and employees.

  • Collecting more recyclable material has been shown to increase recycling rates by an average of 30%.
  • Reduces collection costs.
  • Reduces vehicle emissions while increasing landfill diversion rates.
Sage has partnered with Waste Management to increase our recycling.