If you observe a suspicious object or potential explosive device on campus, DO NOT TOUCH THE OBJECT. Clear the area where the object is located and utilize the fire alarm to evacuate the building. Use exits as far away from the object as possible. Call Public Safety at x3177.

You should also follow these basic guidelines:

  • Any person receiving a bomb threat should attempt to keep the caller on line long enough to obtain, and record in writing, the following information:
    • Date and time of call.
    • Exact location of the bomb (building, floor, room, etc.)
    • Type of device (explosive, incendiary).
      • an explosive device, such as a pipe bomb, causes damage by concussive force.
      • an incendiary device, such as a Molotov cocktail, causes damage by fire.
    • Time bomb is set to detonate.
    • Method of detonation.
    • Accent, speech pattern and distinguishing characteristics of the caller (age, intoxication, anger, etc.).
    • Background noise.
    • Critical statements made by the caller.
  • Immediately notify Public Safety at x3177.
  • Realize that those who work in the building are more likely to recognize suspicious objects. You may be asked to assist in a building search.
  • If the threat of an explosion is imminent, evacuate the building immediately. Activate the fire alarm to evacuate others.
  • Once outside, move to a clear area at least 500 feet from the fire building. Do not block access or operations of emergency vehicles and personnel.
  • Do not return to an evacuated building unless authorized to do so by Public Safety.