In the case of a medical emergency, follow these basic guidelines:

  • Call Public Safety at 3177.
  • Give your name and that of the victim.
  • Give your location, including building, floor and room.
  • Describe the nature and severity of the medical problem.
    • Is the victim conscious?
    • Is the victim breathing?
    • Is the victim bleeding?
    • You may be asked other questions which prepare emergency personnel prior to their arrival at your location. Do not hang up until released by the emergency operator.
  • If the victim is conscious and alert, they have the right to make health care decisions on their own. You may encourage them but not require them to seek treatment. Do not recommend a specific healthcare provider.
  • If the victim is unconscious or disoriented, it is appropriate for you to seek medical attention for them.
  • Keep the victim still and comfortable until help arrives. Do not move the victim unless necessary to prevent further injury.
  • Use First Aid measures only if you have been trained in them and are comfortable doing so.
    All offices should encourage employees to take basic “First Responder”, CPR, etc, courses available from a number of sources.
  • Persons with serious or unusual medical conditions are encouraged to notify their supervisors of the condition, its symptoms and standard emergency treatment related to the condition.