Distinctiveness and Institutional Identity

  • What is Sage known for? What should we be known for?
  • What should be our key messages to prospective students and parents? Why Sage?
  • How do we hope Sage graduates will talk about their experiences?
  • What are the areas where we can really excel?

Institutional Structure

What is the best structure of our multiple colleges and identities to achieve and communicate that excellence?

  • How can we make our two campuses a competitive advantage? Would a single campus model be possible or desirable?
  • What is the right way to market Russell Sage as a women’s college in light of our coed programs?
  • What is the right mix of graduate and undergraduate?

Change and Responsiveness

  • How do we align our strengths with the marketplace of the 21st century student?
  • What programs and services should be added or discontinued as part of that effort?