SPRING 2018: Sage College of Albany SENIORS
The Collegiate Learning Assessment, CLA+, is an academic skills assessment that measures critical-thinking and written-communication skills. Beginning in 2012, CLA+ is given at Sage each year to freshman students (fall) and senior level students (spring) to help Sage faculty improve: curriculum, teaching, learning and general education outcomes. Sage faculty will analyze results to determine if curriculum improvements are needed to enhance students’ development of higher-order skills. The CLA+ assessment is given to college students at over 200 colleges and universities nation-wide.

Assessment Administration
Test must be completed by May 31, 2018.
• Senior level students will be notified via email if they are required to complete CLA+. (Criteria: began at Sage as first-time freshmen and have 87+ completed credits).
• The assessment is online & takes approximately 60 minutes to complete.
• The Advising Office will make it as convenient as possible to complete
• Group Test Sessions in Froman Hall – see days/times below.
• Individual Test Appointments are available based on proctor & room availability. Appointment required.

Group Test Dates
RSVP required: use Sage Google Form or contact [email protected]
Report to:
 Froman Hall 202, Albany Campus. *Testing room & Building will open 15 minutes prior to session Start time. **Test must be started 1 hour prior to session End time listed below. 
Group Testing Sessions:
May 2 (Wednesday) 9:30 AM – 6:30 PM *Froman 202
May 9 (Wednesday) 9:30 AM – 12:00 PM *Froman 202
Individual appointments:
Individual appointments are available and gladly arranged. Contact: [email protected]

Assessment Sections
The CLA+ assessment is divided in to two parts. Part I: Performance task questions are essay type questions based on real-life scenarios. Students develop a solution to a problem scenario by analyzing and evaluating the information and resources provided. Part II: Selected-response questions assess scientific and quantitative reasoning, critical reading and evaluation, and the ability to critique an argument. Students scores are based on higher order thinking levels (below basic, basic, proficient, accomplished and advanced).

How to Prepare for CLA+
 No formal preparation is required. Highly recommended: view the Sample Questions & Test Overview booklet: http://cae.org/images/uploads/pdf/CLA_Student_Guide_Institution.pdf
• “Performance Task” questions are based on real life situations which require students to utilize higher order thinking skills, such asrecognize information that is relevant to the task at hand; analyze and understand data in tables and figures; evaluate the credibility of various documents; distinguish rational arguments from emotional ones; determine the difference between fact and opinion; identify questionable or critical assumptions; deal with inadequate, ambiguous, or conflicting information; spot deception, possible bias, and logical flaws in arguments; identify additional information that would help resolve issues; weigh different types of evidence; organize and synthesize information from several sources; and marshal evidence from different sources in a written response.

Source: Council for Aid to Education, cae.org/flagship-assessments-cla-cwra/cla/resources-for-cla/, 2017.

For more information or to arrange an Individual Testing Appointment contact:
Office of Academic Advising
Sage College of Albany
[email protected]