Compass Assessment: HUM 111 and MAT 104

Incoming first time freshman students’ transcripts are evaluated by the Advising Office to determine the appropriate introductory mathematics and English courses. Students may challenge being placed in to HUM 111 and/or MAT 104 through completing the COMPASS Assessment.  COMPASS is a computer-based placement test developed by ACT.  The purpose of HUM 111 and MAT 104 courses is to ensure that new incoming SCA students are placed in classes that are appropriate for their academic skill level.

  • HUM 111 Challenge: Students will complete Reading Comprehension and Writing assessment to determine if HUM 111 is needed before HUM 112.
  • MAT 104 Challenge: Students will complete Mathematical Skills assessment to determine if MAT 104 is needed before MAT 110 or higher. A calculator is provided.

Summer/Fall 2016 Testing Information

Select a testing option below.

1) Individual Testing Appointment
Individual testing appointments are available in the Advising Office, South Hall, Albany Campus.

  • Please contact, [email protected], to schedule a testing appointment. A confirmation email will be sent confirming testing day and time.
  • Appointments will be scheduled based on availability of proctor and testing room.
  • Note: morning, afternoon and early appointments available!!

2) Group Testing Dates

RSVP: [email protected] *A confirmation email will be sent confirming testing day and time.

 August 27  8:15 am  South Hall 101  RSVP required
 August 28  8:30 am  South Hall 101  RSVP required

Group testing session begins promptly at Start Time indicated.
South Hall and Testing Room will open 15 minutes prior to Start time.
Students may take as much time as they need.

Please contact the SCA Office of Academic Advising, [email protected], for more information.