Fall 2018 Class Schedules
All NEW Sage College of Albany enrolled day freshman & transfer students (deposited) will be pre-scheduled for their fall classes beginning on June 11, 2018 by the Office of Academic Advising.
• Classes are selected based on: recommendations from faculty, needed degree requirements, and current course availability.
• Schedules will be inputted in order based on the deposit date.
• Schedule information is listed in SageAdvisor using the My Class Schedule link or Course Plan in Student Planning.
• Students may request changes to their schedules during the new student Orientation program -or- via email, [email protected]

Save bookmark:  SCA Academic Advising. See handout: Helpful_LINKS_Sage_College_of_Albany
Log-in to your Sage Gmail email account, http://sagemail.sage.edu
Log-in to My Portal to access Sage resources, forms and important links.
Log-in to SageAdvisor and explore Student Menu. *Student Planning: Progress (outline of degree requirements) and view registration information: Plan & Schedule link. *Transfer Credit: Review your transfer credit report to be sure AP and all College credits are listed. Are your last term's courses and credits listed?
Health Insurance: accept or decline college Health Insurance coverage. *A fee is  automatically charged to all full-time day students unless the proper waiver and proof of current health insurance is submitted.
Resident Students: Residence Hall & UHCS Apartments complete & return: housing contract, roommate information survey and meal plan selection forms, (518) 244-2008
Tuition Bill due date: August 1, 2018. View your tuition bill in SageAdvisor using the "Access/Pay Your Account" and "View Recent Activity" links. *Pay or make arrangements to cover outstanding amount or "out of pocket" owed amount by tuition due date. Not sure what you owe?  See Student Accounts; [email protected]
Attend New Student Orientation program. 518-292-1753.
Health Forms: submit required physical & immunization forms. Send to  Wellness Center
Student ID Card: Upload your own Photo. *Pick up card in College Services, Admin Bldg basement.
Obtain Parking Permit online. *Pick up College Services, Admin Bldg Basement.
Textbooks: Sage students are responsible for purchasing their textbooks. Research BOOK costs in SageAdvisor using the My Class Schedule link or through the Bookstore website. *Albany textbooks are available in Albany Bookstore and Troy textbooks are available in the Troy bookstore. *Need money for textbooks? Check with Financial Aid Office, [email protected], if you have enough financial aid to help with books and supplies. 
Log-in to Moodle. Sage's online course system as a test run. *Moodle may be used as a teaching "support" tool for regular classes that meet in the classroom. **Course information will go live (become visible) on Friday before start of term
Sunday, August 26:  Review your class schedule in your SageAdvisor account - My Class Schedule - to be sure you are in the correct number of credits (15-16 credits per term recommended) and for final classroom locations. Sage Shuttle Schedule: click here.
Monday, August 27, 2018: Fall 2018 classes BEGIN. Academic Calendar
Attend ALL first and second class meeting times ~ be sure to be on time or you may lose your spot.
Complete buying all assigned books and art supplies
Contact your Faculty Advisor if you have concerns about your classes or if you wish to make schedule changes.
Friday, August 31, 2018: Add/Drop deadline. After this date, course withdrawals (grade of W) must be done in person using the Add/Drop form.