Each new accepted transfer student receives a Transfer Credit Equivalency Evaluation Report. This report is a summary of how your previous college credits (course grades of C- or higher) are accepted by Sage. Students and Faculty Advisors may view transfer course information in SageAdvisor. Note: Sage brings in only the transfer credits that will meet a specific major or degree requirement. In addition, 1/2 of the major requirements must be completed as Sage credits. For students starting a new major or career direction, they may find that not all of their previous college credits are accepted.

SCA students may transfer in up to 75 credit hours toward a bachelor degree. Of this 75, a maximum of 66 credits may be transferred in from 2 year colleges. Transfer credit is carefully evaluated and brought in based on the student’s declared major upon admission. For SPCE students, 90 credits may be transferred in. Of this 90, a maximum of 66 credits may be from 2-year colleges. A minimum of 120 completed credits is required for a bachelor’s degree.

Understanding Your Transfer Equivalency Report

Left column


Right column


The left column of the report indicates your transfer college course information: number, title, grade and credits earned.

(Note: Grades do not transfer –only credits do).

The right column reports how your transfer course was accepted at Sage. The number of credits accepted with a specific Sage course number (ie, MAT-110) or as a general equivalency (ie, MAT-ELCT). ELCT means course transferred as elective credits.


*TR = Credits transferred to Sage. Credits are included in TOTAL completed credits on record.

*PR = Preliminary (or Pending). Course and credits coded as PR have not been transferred in as credit – yet. These courses are pending departmental approval. More information about the course may be needed.


1) By College: At the BOTTOM of the page for EACH individual transfer school, on the right hand side, you will see the total number of credits transferred to Sage.

____ Transfer Credit: Total # of credits taken at transfer school. (Left column)
____ Equivalent Transfer Credit: # of credits accepted at Sage. (Right column)

2) Summary: On the very LAST page (or section of the report) on the left hand side the sum Total of ALL TR college credits is listed.

Total TR Credits: _____

Send official sealed transcripts & score reports to:

Mary Dirolf
Assistant Registrar of Transfer Credit
Sage College of Albany
140 New Scotland Avenue
Albany, NY 12208

518-292-1949 | [email protected]

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