Sage College of Albany recognizes the Advanced Placement Program (AP Credit) of The College Board. The table below defines the credit awarded for each of the exams. Students must request that an official score report be sent directly to Sage. High School transcripts may contain AP course information, however, this is not sufficient to transfer in AP credits as actual college credit. Sage College of Albany College Code: 2343.

Request Official Score Report from:
College Board/AP Services
P.O. Box 6671, Princeton, NJ 08541-6671
609-771-7300 or 888-225-5427
[email protected]

AP ExamMin. Score
SAGE Course EquivalentCredits
Art: Art History3ARH 2063
Art: Studio Art Drawing3ART 101 or DES 1013
Art: Studio Art 2D3ART 1053
Art: Studio Art 3D3ART 106 or DES 1023
Biology4BIO 1014
Biology5BIO 101, BIO 1028
Calculus AB or Subscore AB4MAT 2014
Calculus BC3MAT ELCT4
Calculus BC4MAT 2024
Chemistry3CHM 111 & CHM 1128
Computer Science A3CSI ELCT3
Computer Science A4CSI ELCT3
Computer Science AB4CSI ELCT3
Computer Science AB4CSI 1263
Economics: Macro3ECO 2013
Economics: Micro3ECO 2023
English Language & Comp3HUM 1123
English Literature & Comp3EGL 1543
Environmental Science3BIO ELCT4
French Language3FRE 2013
French Language4FRE 2023
French Language5FRE 2113
French Literature3FRE 2013
French Literature5FRE 3153
German Language3GER 2013
Gov’t & Politics: US3PSC 1013
Govv’t & Politics: Comparative3PSC ELCT3
History: US3HIS 105/1066
History: European3HIS ELCT3
History: World3HIS ELCT3
Human Geography3Elective credit in Social Science3
International English
Language [APIEL]
3Substitutes for TOEFL
requirement for admission.
Latin: Vergil3Humanities Elective Credit3
Latin: Literature3Humanities Elective Credit3
Music Literature3HUM ELCT3
Music Theory3HUM ELCT3
Physics B3PHY 101 & PHY 1028
Physics C: Mech3PHY 1014
Physics C: Elec & Magnetism3SCI ELCT3
Psychology3PSYC 1013
Spanish Language3SPA 2013
Spanish Language4SPA 2023
Spanish Language5SPA 2113
Spanish Literature3SPA 2013
Spanish Literature5SPA 3153
Statistics3MAT 2203