The Transfer Credit Report is a summary of previous college credits (course grades of C- or higher) that are accepted by Sage. Students and Faculty Advisors may view transfer course and equivalency information in SageAdvisor.

Transfer credit is carefully evaluated and brought in based on the student’s declared major upon admission. Sage brings in only the transfer credits that will meet a specific major or degree requirement. For students starting a new major or career direction may find that not all of their previous college credits are accepted.

  • 1/2 of the major requirements must be completed as Sage institutional credits.
  • 30 of the remaining 45 credits needed for degree completion must be completed at Sage.
  • RSC students: may transfer in up to 75 credit hours toward a bachelor degree. Of this 75, a maximum of 66 credits may be transferred in from 2 year colleges.
  • SPCE & SageOnline students: may transfer up to 90 credit hours. Of this 90, a maximum of 66 credits may be from 2-year colleges
  • Completion of 120 credits (minimum) is required for a bachelor’s degree.

Transfer Credit Report Guide

SageAdvisor → Student Menu → Academic Profile section → Transfer Credit Report link.

Left column
Right column
The left column of the report indicates your transfer course information: number, title, grade and credits earned. Note: grades do not transfer – only credits do.

The right column reports how your transfer course was accepted at Sage.

The specific Sage course number (ie, MAT-110) and number of credits accepted. Some courses are accepted as a general equivalency elective credits (ie, MAT-ELCT).


    • *TR = Credits transferred to Sage. Credits are included in TOTAL completed credits on record.
    • *PR = Preliminary status (or Pending). Course and credits coded as PR have not been transferred in as credit – yet. These courses may be pending departmental approval. More information about the course may be needed. Or, in some cases PR could also mean that the credit cannot be transferred if student achieved the maximum allowable credits.


1) By Transfer College: At the BOTTOM of the page for EACH individual transfer school, on the right hand side, you will see the total number of credits transferred to Sage.

___ Transfer Credit: Total # of credits taken at transfer school. (Left column)
___ Equivalent Transfer Credit: # of credits ACCEPTED at Sage. (Right column)

2) Summary of All total credits accepted: On the very LAST page (or last section of the report) on the left hand side the sum Total of ALL TR college credits is listed as: Total TR Credits: _____

Transfer Credit Links

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