CLEP (College Level Exam Program) exams are computer-based college subject tests that provide college transfer credit through The College Board. At Sage, CLEP credit is regarded as 2-year level credit. Up to 66 2-year level credit hours may be applied towards a bachelor’s degree.

Transfer credit is awarded for a CLEP exam score of 50 or higher (minimum) unless otherwise indicated. See the Undergraduate Catalog for more information.

Approved CLEP Exams
(Min. score of 50 required for credit)
Sage Course
American Literature ENG elective 3
Analyzing & Interpret Literature ENG 154 3
English Literature ENG elective 3
College Composition Modular HUM 112 3
World Languages*
French Language FRE 101, 102 6
German Language GER 101, 102 6
Spanish Language SPA 101, 102 6
*3 additional credits for higher score – see Catalog.
History & Social Science
American Government PSC 101 3
Introductory Psychology PSY 101 3
Human Growth and Development PSY 202 3
Introduction to Educ Psychology EDU 206 3
Hist of the U.S. I: Early Col. to 1877 HST 105 3
Hist of the U.S II: 1865 to the Pres HST 106 3
Principles of Macroeconomics ECO 201 3
Principles of Microeconomics ECO 202 3
Introductory Sociology SOC 101 3
West Civ I: Anc Near East to 1648 HIS 109 3
West Civ II: 1648 to Present HIS 110 3
College Mathematics MAT 110 3
Calculus with Elem Functions MAT 201 3
College Algebra MAT 112 3
Precalculus MAT 113 3
Trigonometry MAT ELCT 3
Information System & Comp Apps. CSI 215 3
General Biology BIO 101, 102 8
General Chemistry CHM 111, 112 8
Financial Accounting ACC 201 3
Principles of Management BUS 205 3
Principles of Marketing BUS 204 3
Introductory Business Law BUS 212 3

CLEP Exam General Information

  • Approximate cost for each exam: $110.00 ($85 CLEP registration + $25 college test center fee).
  • CLEP credits transfer in to Sage as 2-year level credits. (Up to 66 two-year level credits may be applied toward a bachelors degree).
  • Transfer credit is awarded for an approved CLEP exam score of 50 or higher (minimum).
  • CLEP exams are computer based and you will receive an instant score report.
  • Each exam usually takes about 90 minutes to complete.
  • Permission/prior approval is required if a student takes a CLEP exam after he/she matriculates. Be sure not to take an exam in a subject that you have already received credit for.
  • Repeating examinations: It is CLEP policy that students must wait 3 months before re-taking an exam.

Test Registration
Steps to register:

1) Go to online CLEP registration site. Create an account.
2) Select exam and add to Cart.
3) View cart. Register & Check out.
4)  Pay fee. (Send score report to Russell Sage College; Code: 2343).
5) You will be given a test ticket/voucher.
6) Contact your preferred Test Center to schedule your exam administration day. Be sure to find out more about Test Center procedures and fees. Bring exam voucher & test center fee $.

Local CLEP Test Center
Hudson Valley Community College
College code: #2300
518-629-7320 |

Send CLEP Test Results to:
Russell Sage College
College code: #2343

If you have any further questions about CLEP:
The College Board, 250 Vesey Street , New York, NY 10281