Beau Comeaux

Beau Comeaux grew up an only child among the trees and rivers of southern Louisiana.  An early experience with photography sparked a lifelong interest in viewing the world around him in an intense, calculating manner. Vivid imagination and a desire to explore what’s around the corner or over the next hill directs his nocturnal wanderings, which began in the mid 90s.

Regardless of the tool at hand, he has always had an intense desire to create. Originally a graphic design major in college, Comeaux would skip classes to stay in the darkroom and print. The process of transforming a negative captured hours/days/weeks prior into his current memory/imagination of the scene was of immense fascination to Comeaux. This led to an obvious change in major and also to an MFA in photography.

A switch to digital technology around 2004 led to new avenues of creativity, bringing the darkroom transformation experience to color work. This switch happened rather prag-matically, using a digital camera to shoot “Polaroid proofs” of his long film exposures at night. When Comeaux found the quality/speed/experimentation of digital capture excited him more than film, he simply left it behind. The medium of choice is just a tool serving his creativity.