Fine Arts - Photography


The BFA in Photography enables the student to develop conceptual depth, a creative vision, and the technical skills needed to succeed as a professional photographer. Our program helps you to improve your practical skills and to develop an individual style.

The Photography sequence at Sage College of Albany is designed to help you build a portfolio that balances vision and craft.

The core curriculum increases your skill level by immediately immersing you in the medium of photography. You start taking photography courses right at the beginning of the program along with other foundation courses like Drawing and 2 D Design.

The Photography curriculum is built upon the traditional base of the medium and designed to transition the student into the digital format. Photography I is a Black & White darkroom course. Photography II continues to explore an in-depth study of traditional exposure and print controls and then introduces you to the basics of the digital workflow. During the second semester of the sophomore year the course Digital Photographic Images will fully acclimate you into the digital darkroom. All upper division courses are a hybrid between traditional and digital processes.