Undergraduate Research Day 2017

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Sponsored by the Kathleen A. Donnelly Center for Undergraduate Research, The Provost of The Sage Colleges, The Dean of Russell Sage College, and the Dean of The Sage College of Albany

[Last update: April 21, 2017]

Morning Activities (on Troy and Albany Campuses)

Russell Sage College Campus (Troy)

Biology Program
First Floor, Science Hall, Troy

BIO-427- Internships in Biology and Health Sciences

Students in the Biology and Health Sciences Department often complete a 120-hour internship as a culminating course for their degree in our programs.  It is thought that obtaining experience in their field of interest allows students to apply theoretical skills to practical work situations, enables students to develop effective interpersonal skills in the workplace and provides students with the opportunity to test their aptitude for a particular career.  This year students have completed internships in fields including physical therapy, adult care, animal care, dentistry, scientific research, and hospital care.  These students will present information on the goals they established for these internships, whether they met these goals, the content of their work and how these internships helped in creating a path for their career choices.

9:30-10:50am: Biology & Health Science Senior Research Symposium
11:00-11:30am: Beta Beta Beta National Biological Honor Society Induction

Chemistry and Biochemistry Department
8:00 AM – 9:45 AM
Science Hall 103, Troy

  • 8:00 AM – 8:20 AM Danielle Thomas “Tale of the Tape: Studying the Sticky Side with the Atomic Force Microscope”
  • 8:30 AM – 8:50 AM Brittany Tanner “Cyanotoxins: What’s in your Water”

9:00 AM – 9:45 AM Meghan Benson “STARD10 and DNA purification”

English and Modern Languages Programs
French House Dining Room

Honors Project Presentations

  • Samantha Tirrell, “Come, you giants!”: Jerusalem, Blakean Mythopoeia, and Divine Englishness (faculty advisor: David Salomon)
  • Kelly Shanahan, “Knowing the things behind things”: Toni Morrison and Alice Walker’s Language of Resistance (faculty advisor: Shealeen Meaney)
  • Sofia Berry, The Bluest Eye and Sula: How Womanhood, Community Identity, and Role Models influence Character (faculty advisor: Shealeen Meaney)

Ferguson Lecture
Shea 201

Katie Gnirrep, “The Feminization of Poverty: Corvallis, Oregon: A Case Study”

History and Society Department
8:30-11:00 am
Shea 201

  • 8:30 AM Jacqueline St. Pierre:  How does suffering from child abuse effect victims throughout their lives?
  • 9:00 AM Claudia Zabala:  Do people still suffer from the impact of slavery? What effects does it have on society and politics within the United States?
  • 10:00 AM  Hau’olihiwahiwa Moniz: What Are Microaggressions and Do They Lead To A Culture of Victimhood?
  • 10:30 Andriana White:  Why are African Americans second class citizens?

Honors Program: Oxford-Style Tutorial Symposium
8:30-9:30 am
French House Annex, Moliere

Students will present final research from their Oxford Style Tutorials.

  • THR 348: A New Direction: Achievements of Women Directors on Broadway
    Ada Kent, James Carola, Katia Davies, KD McTeigue
  • ENG 348: Jungian Archetypes
    Ajanee Cadee, Elizabeth Karam, Candace Rose, Olivia Schafer

Nursing Department
:00-11:00am: Nursing Nexus Posters (program available in Bush)
Bush Memorial

Psychology Department
Gurley Hall 304

Senior Seminar Presentations

  • Chelsea Decker – “Media’s Impact on Children and Adolescents”
  • Bianca DeMartino – How Animal-Assisted Therapy Benefits Those Who Experience Trauma”
  • Mason McDermott – “The Psychology of Meditation: An Ancient Practice Meets Scientific Examination”
  • Miranda McFarren – “The Role of Social Ties in Recovery or Relapse of Anorexia Nervosa”
  • Diamond Walker – “The Psychosocial Adjustment of Siblings of Children Who Have Autism”

Sage College of Albany Campus (Albany)


Graphic + Media Design Senior Capstone
Assistant Professor Leah Rico
Opalka Lecture Hall

The Graphic + Media Design Senior Capstone is a self-initiated, two-semester research, design, and development experience for students nearing completion of the BFA degree in Graphic + Media Design (GMD). Students begin with a thorough investigation of a design problem by utilizing research methods common throughout the creative industry. Findings are compiled into a written proposal and prepared as a formal presentation. This proposal is the foundation for a body of work that is created throughout both semesters of the Senior Capstone, which includes numerous deliverables that make up the overall design solution. Faculty and fellow students alike guide the development and progression of the students’ project through mentorship, lectures, group critiques, presentations, field trips and writing assignments. As part of the Sage College Undergraduate Research Day, GMD seniors will present their Senior Capstone research and design solutions while taking questions from the audience.

Hosted by the Opalka Gallery on the Albany campus, this event is an open forum that allows visitors to attend any number of the student presentations.

Business Strategy II
Assistant Professor Kevin A. Fletcher
KCC 224

Business Strategy II students will be presenting the results of a semester-long online business simulation.  Each team of students has made financial, R&D, manufacturing, marketing, human resources, and total quality management decisions for a mock business, in competition with other teams and computer teams.  The comprehensive business simulation requires student teams to develop specific market strategies, create and finance changes to product characteristics to meet market segment demand, and project a full range of business needs over a 7-8 year cycle.

Capstone Seminar in Law & Society
Carol DiMambro
KCC 105

The purpose of the Law & Society Capstone Seminar is to bring together the skills and knowledge learned by students in the Law & Society program into a culminating experience.  Students will present the outcomes of their research papers in a poster presentation.

IThink 301
Professor Michael Bienkowski
KCC 101 and KCC 104

Students in ITK 301 have been asking questions about future innovations in Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, and Nanotechnology, and what values they foretell. Teams over four weeks have been constructing visual thinking maps that display what and how they have been thinking and the conclusions they have made.

Internship in Business/Accounting
Eileen Brownell
KCC 224

Students will share their semester-long internship experience.  The presentation from each student or team will include a description of position/duties, learning objectives and how each was achieved, and connections between course work and on-the-job experiences.

Award Ceremonies

Presentation of the Libraries Research Award
Multicultural Center, KCC 347

The Sage Colleges Libraries Research Award recognizes papers or projects that demonstrate exceptional use of library resources. Papers are judged based on the demonstrated ability to use library resources effectively and on the overall quality of presentation. The Sage College of Albany winner is recognized.

28th Annual Writing & Contemporary Thought Poetry and Fiction Writing Contest
Multicultural Center, KCC 347

28th Annual Writing & Contemporary Thought Poetry Award: Three awards are given for original poems. First, second and third place winners are recognized.

Fiction Writing Award: Offered by the Writing and Contemporary Thought Program each year for outstanding fiction writing. First, second and third place winners are recognized.


The Sage Colleges Afternoon Activities (all on Troy Campus)

  • 11:30-1:30: Picnic Lunch, Ferry Street Plaza (in front of Buchman Pavilion, Troy)
  • 12:15: The Fifth Annual Last Lecture: “The View from Here,” Professor Leigh Strimbeck, Artist-in-Residence, Theater (Bush Memorial, Troy)

The Sage Colleges Undergraduate Research Symposium

1:00-2:30: Poster Session (Bush Memorial)

  • Saba Abuzaid, “Characterizations of the CO82.1 &CO161.3 Zebrafish Craniofacial Mutants”
  • Bonnie Daley, “The Controversy Over Warning Labels on Sugar Sweetened Beverages”
  • Amanda Griffiths, “A Functional Food Fighting for You: A Review of the Cholesterol Lowering Ability of Flaxseed”
  • Elizabeth Karam, “Exploring Intersectionality: A Privileged Woman’s Journey Toward Inclusivity”
  • Kendra Laurens, “Effects of FycRllb removal on lung, liver, and kidney tissue”
  • Jessica Loskowitz, “Genetic bitterness taste ability and its relationship to food choices, vegetable consumption, and anthropometrics”
  • Rosemary Matala, Lindsey Tolman and Christina Celello, “Dopamine Receptor D4 (DRD4) Variation and Risk Taking Behavior in Spotted Hyenas (Crocuta crocuta)”
  • Kathryn McTeigue, “A New Direction: Achievements of Women Directors on Broadway”
  • Julie Rose Sterling, “Correlation of Antibiotic Resistance between Nasal and Fingernail-Associated MRSA”

1:00-1:40: Session 1A: Biology 1 (Gurley 104)

  • Tess Krowicki, “Effects of Wolbachia in T. Longispinosus”
  • Emily Calkins, “The Relationship Between Self-Incompatibility and Herkogamy in Naturally Occurring Accessions of Arabidopsis thaliana”

1:00-1:40: Session 1B: Art (Gurley 204)

  • Jacob Griswold, “Understanding Hiroshi Sugimoto Through Contradiction and Time”
  • Katielynn Canavan, “Understanding Richard Serra”

1:45-2:25: Session 2A: Biology 2 (Gurley 104)

  • Sarah Montgomery, “Determining protein elements necessary for acquisition of new CRISPR immunity elements in Escherichia coli”
  • Samantha Phelps, “Role of nutrition on the manipulation of caste development by the bacteria Wolbachia”

1:45-2:25: Session 2B: English and Theater (Gurley 204)

  • Samantha Tirrell, “Ugwu’s Biafra: Individual and National Modes of Sovereignty and Resistance in Chimanda Adichie’s Half of Yellow Sun
  • Katia Davies, “C.S. Lewis’ The Chronicles of Narnia: The Methodology of Writing a Heavy Themed Mythic”
  • Samantha Tirrell: “‘Round in Circles I’d Go’: An Exploration of the Psychosocial and Metaphysical Ramifications of Rotation in Rodgers and Hammerstein’s Carousel”

2:30-3:15: Session 3A: Health Sciences (Gurley 104)

  • Rachelle Valenzuela, “Incorporation of Two Mind-Body Interventions in Learning a New Open-Motor Task”
  • Alaina Possumato, “The effects of weighted waist hooping on static and functional balance”
  • Rachelle Valenzuela, “The Effects of Caffeine Combined with Carbohydrates on the Time Trial Performance of Cyclists”

2:30-3:15: Session 3B: Psychology, Sociology, and Business (Gurley 204)

  • Karin Hudson, “Youth at Risk: Making the Decision to Drive Under the Influence of Drugs and Alcohol”
  • Kate Gnirrep, “The Feminization of Poverty: A Case Study in Oregon”
  • Evans Frimpong and Derlis Zayas, “Factors Influencing Use of Mobile Money by Students, Small Business Owners, and Farmers in Bangladesh”