Professional Development Schools

PDS Photo 

The Professional Development School (PDS) Partnership between the Esteves School of Education at The Sage Colleges and participating schools is a collaborative effort.  The partnership is dedicated to college faculty, school administrators, and practicing teachers, school counselors and educational leaders exploring effective practices to (1) cooperatively supervise pre-service teachers, specialists, school counselors and educational leaders, and to provide closer connections to classroom, school and district practice; (2) promote professional development; (3) improve P-12 student learning; and (4) research the problems of educational practice.

The professional preparation of candidates, faculty development, inquiry directed at the improvement of practice, and enhanced student learning constitute a PDS model.  PDSs support professional and student learning through the use of an inquiry-oriented approach to teaching.  Partners collaborate over time, building relationships and commitment to their shared goals, developing new strategies, roles and relationships to support their work.  Together, partners move to institutionalize their relationship so that it’s supported and becomes part of their institutions’ expectations.  At the most advanced stages of development, partnerships influence policies and practices at the district, state and national levels.

In Fall 2012, college supervisors will take 6 to 8 student teachers to a PDS site for each placement—one with the Troy public schools or the Albany public schools, the other at a suburban/urban location. Junior methods students will be taught three courses per semester (9 credits each semester) on-site in Troy School #2, where they will also complete required field experience hours towards teacher certification. These clinically-rich field experiences will be designed to better prepare Sage pre-service teacher candidates for the challenges of the today’s 21st century classrooms.