Assistant Professor/Practicum Coordinator, Center for Applied Behavior Analysis
Skype: cheryljdavis
[email protected]


Ph.D.,  Applied Behavior Analysis, Endicott College

Masters Special Education, Simmons College

BCBA Coursework, Northeastern University

B.S., Human Development, University of Connecticut

Professional Education Certifications

Board Certified Behavior AnalysT

Licensed Applied Behavior Analyst, MA

Certified Special Education Teacher, MA

Courses Taught

  • ABA 501 Introduction to Applied Behavior Analysis
  • ABA 505 Behavioral Assessment
  • ABA 511 Clinical Practicum
  • ABA 512 Clinical Practicum
  • ABA 513 Clinical Practicum
  • ABA 520 Interventions in Autism
  • ABA 526 Core Skills in Autism II
  • ABA 601 Professional Practice in ABA
  • ABA 605 Research in ABA
  • ABA 607 Ethics in ABA
  • ABA 610 Advanced Topics in ABA
  • ABA 607 Ethics
  • ABA 615 Research Seminar


Trial-Based Functional Analysis
Preference Assessment Implementation
Fad Treatments
Increasing Social Skills


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Zane, T., Davis, C. & Rosswurm, M. (2008). The Cost of Fad Treatments in Autism.  Journal of Early and Intensive Intervention, 5, 44-56.


Davis, C. (2013).  Functional Behavioral Assessment: Conducting function basedassessments for your students. Mansfield Public Schools, Mansfield, MA.

Davis, C. (2013). Aligning IEP Goals and Objectives with The Common Core, Mansfield Public Schools, Mansfield, MA.

Davis, C. (2012). Behavior Management Strategies for Students with Williams      Syndrome, Williams Syndrome Conference, Boston, MA.

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Davis, C., Brock, M., McNulty, K., Rosswurm, M., Bruneau, B., & Zane, T., (2009).       Preference Assessments: Where Have We Been?  Where are We Going? The         Association for Behavior Analysis symposium, Amherst, MA.


Member of the CABA lab

Developed BACB Supervision Training

Member of ABAI, APBA and Mass ABA

Mentor special education staff and new BCBA’s in best practices

Member of the Institutional Review Board


Cheryl is President of 7 Dimensions Consulting: providing educational and behavioral consultation to public and private schools.

Cheryl enjoys traveling, cooking, reading and spending time with her two children, husband and dog.