Office Coordinator, Esteves School of Education
Accreditation & Assessment Administrator

Kelly Houghtaling

37 1st Street, Dean’s Office, 3rd Floor, Troy
[email protected]


Currently working on M.S. in School Counseling @ Sage Graduate School

B.A., Psychology, Siena College

A.A.S., Business Administration, Hudson Valley Community College

Job Responsibilities

  • Serve as campus-designated coordinator responsible for accessing edTPA protected website information on a continual basis; participate in forum discussion on edTPA website; keep dean, faculty and candidates updated on changes, regulations, etc.
  • Schedule and organize edTPA webinars for faculty and student candidates.
  • Serve as the contact person for the retrieval of candidate score data.
  • Maintain current copies of Local Evaluation Rubrics and all workbook materials in LiveText.
  • Provide support for LiveText issues for all faculty, students, supervisors, staff, and cooperating teachers.
  • Create & upload student surveys for student teaching candidates’ cooperating teachers; run data from each placement survey and distribute to supervisors, chairs and faculty.
  • Collect and process cooperating teacher payments.

Interest/ Hobbies

I love to travel and spend time with my friends & family.