Faculty at the Esteves School of Education

Dean's Office

Lori Quigley, Ph.D., Professor, Dean of the Esteves School of Education

Kelly Houghtaling, Office Coordinator

Applied Behavior Analysis - ABA

Chair: Lori Finn, Ph.D., BCBA-D, Assistant Professor

Infinee' Jacobs, Administrative Assistant

Cheryl Davis, M.S., BCBA, Lecturer

Benjamin Mauro, Ph.D., Associate Professor

Cheryl Ostryn, Ph.D., BCBA-D, Assistant Professor

Educational Leadership - EDL

Chair: Janice White, Ed.D., Associate Professor

Yagana Hafed, Administrative Assistant

Daniel Alemu, Ph.D., Associate Professor

Francesca Durand, Ph.D.,  Assistant Professor

Deborah Shea, Ed.D., Assistant Professor

Marlene Zakierski, Ph.D, Associate Professor, NYC Program Director

Professional Education Programs - PEP

Chair: John Pelizza, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Health Education

Leslie Q. Peppin, Administrative Assistant

Edna Baker, Ed.D., Assistant Professor, Program Director of Undergraduate Childhood Education, Director of Student Teaching

Kelly Coon Brock, M.S.Ed, BCBA, Lecturer, Physical Education

Laurae Coburn, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Professional School Counseling

Kathleen A. Gormley, Ph.D., Professor, Literacy Education

Tracy McLeod, Ph.D., Assistant Professor. Special Education

Tiffany S. Powell, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Childhood Education

Michael Stahl, Ed.D., Assistant Professor, Professional School Counseling, Placement Director

Peter Stapleton, M.S., Instructor, Physical Education, Program Director