Sybillyn H. Jennings, Ph.D.

Sybillyn JenningsProfessor, Chair of Psychology

Contact Information
Office: Gurley Hall, Room 307 (Troy campus)
Phone: 518-244-2074
Email: [email protected]

Sybillyn Jennings, Professor and Chair of Psychology, earned her BA at Bennington College, MA at San Jose State University, PhD at the University of California, Santa Barbara, and conducted postdoctoral research in cognitive development at the University of Denver as an NIMH fellow. Dr. Jennings is a prize-winning teacher and advisor who takes great pleasure in learning along with students in class, mentors, on research projects, and discussions in her office. She coordinates the WORLD component of general education and has worked closely with faculty colleagues in the various disciplines to meet the objectives of increasing first-year students' awareness of global citizenship and advanced students’ sense of responsibility for supporting human rights in the local community. Her research interests are in the development of human consciousness--its emergence in infancy and its tuition, expansion, and limitations across the lifespan. As a specialist in applied cognition and learning, Dr. Jennings has consulted on a number of national grants including K-12 mathematics education, clinical physics, and materials handling engineering along with her work at the Center for Initiatives in Pre-College Education at RPI. Among Syb's favorite projects are Founder’s Seminar, Developmental Trajectories in Harry Potter, Psychology 101, Cognition, the new Developmental Science course, the WORLD courses, and writing stories for her grandnieces and nephews.

Selected Publications

  • Jennings, S. (2012). Learning to dance with Maxine Sheets- Johnstone, Biological Theory, DOI 10.1007/s13752-012-0012-z.
  • Polhemus, L., Jennings, S., Olson, P., Holmes, A., & Rubenfeld, L. (August, 2007). The power of string in building a conceptual foundation for measuring rate. Teaching Children Mathematics.14,18-24.
  • Eglash, R., Bennett, A., O’Donnell, C., Jennings, S., and Cintorino, M. (2006).Culturally situated design tools: Ethnocomputing from field site to classroom. American Anthropologist, 108, 2,347-362. Recipient of the 2008 GAD Award for Exemplary Cross-Field Scholarship. General Anthropology Division of the American Anthropology Association.
  • Heragu, S. and Jennings, S. (2003). Learning to design and analyze materials handling systems: Developing multimedia tools. European Journal of Engineering Education, 28, 4, 491-506.

Selected Presentations

  • Jennings, S. and McIntyre, J.G. (June, 2012). Opening up the STEM Pipeline: What Young Adolescents Think about Engineering. 42nd Annual Meeting of the Jean Piaget Society, Toronto, 31 May-June 2.
  • Jennings, S. (March 2011). Developmental Themes, Topics, and Trajectories: Student Inquiries into Harry Potter. Poster presented at the Developmental Science Teaching Institute, Society for Research in Child Development, Montreal.
  • McIntyre, J. G., & Jennings, S. (April, 2009).  Urban adolescents’ possible selves in LEGORobotics camp.  Poster presented at Society for Research in Child Development.  Denver, CO.
  • Jennings,S. (June 2008). Between Knowledge Structures: Opportunities for Reflection in Reading Harry Potter. Paper presented at the 38th Annual Meeting of the Jean Piaget Society, Adolescent Development: Challenges and Opportunities, Quebec City, Canada, June 6-8.