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The Sage Colleges DISTANCE  DI Track has a couple of openings and WILL be participating in the 2nd Round Match on DICAS beginning April 16th, 2015.  It is strongly recommended that all placement sites are secured at time of application.

If applying via second round you must: 1) Email Sage DI Release Form and Practicum Rotation Preceptor Sign-up Form to  by 4/23; 2) mail in the $40 Sage DI Application Fee, and; 3) Apply via DICAS second round match on 4/16/15.

Interested in a Master's degree? 

Learn more about Sage's 2-year DI/online MS program.

2015-2016 DI Calendar

Notice for 2016 Spring Match Applicants

Competitive Advantages

The Sage Graduate Schools Dietetic Internship:

  • specializes in preparing future dietitians in clinical, food service management, and community nutrition
  • offers a group of top-rated faculty active in all areas of the field
  • collaborates with specialized dietitians and other area professionals to bring their wide range of expertise to the program
  • provides each intern with individual attention and support
  • offers five graduate courses that may be applied to a master's degree in either Applied Nutrition or Health Services Administration

This program is only for students who have successfully completed at least a baccalaureate degree and minimum academic requirements established by The Accreditation Council for Education in Nutrition and Dietetics - a didactic program in dietetics-DPD. Successful graduates of the program are eligible to take the registration examination to earn "R.D." status. 

Application Information for Fall 2015

The Sage Dietetic Internship will participate in the DI Centralized Application System (DICAS) for the spring 2015 match. The information contained in these web pages are valid for the September 2015 class. For further details about the program, please contact DI Director, Ms Michelle Morgan, MS, RD, CDN, at (518) 244-2044 or via e-mail at

The Sage DI offers a 2-year MS/DI option for both the Onsite and the Distance tracks.  If you are interested in combining a master's degree while completing the Dietetic Internship at Sage, click here to find instructions for admission.

The Sage DI Onsite Track capacity is a total of 16 interns.  We receive on average 50 applications per year, of those 6 are preselect Sage students, leaving 10 spots for the DICAS match. The process for selecting applicants is as follows:

  1. First pass: remove all incomplete applications, and those with GPA < 3.0
  2. Second pass: review all applications and remove unsatisfactory ones. For example, applications with several negative letters of recommendations.
  3. Third pass: Each of the remaining applications will be sent to three (3) reviewers who will score the applicant based on GPA, experience, letters of reference, goals statement and other factors. Some of these applicants may be contacted by the DI Director in February 2015. A Skype session may also be arranged.  Due to volume of applications, we will only be contacting applicants for additional information. If you have not been contacted, it only means we have no questions for you.
  4. Fourth pass: Reviewers' scores for each applicant will be averaged. Applicants will then be ranked based on the reviewers' average scores as well as information gathered on interview day.                                                            

DI Information Sessions

All prospective interns are strongly encouraged to either attend an Information Session or arrange a telephone Information Session prior to completing the Dietetic Internship Application packet, which is due Feb. 15, 2015 for the Fall 2015 class.

Pre-select info session (Sage) 9/28 2:30-4pm (ACK 300)

 DI info session (All) 11/20 2:30-4pm (ACK 300)

DICAS info sessions for Sage students:
DICAS Application Workshop : Sage DPD Students
Location Shea B01
December 7

ACK= Sessions are held on the Troy Campus in Ackerman Hall, Room 300.
A= Sessions are held at the Kahl Campus Center Room 224 on the Albany Campus
T= Sessions are held at Buchman Pavilion, Troy Campus

Please contact DI Director, Ms. Morgan at, if you wish to attend one of these sessions. More sessions will be scheduled for 2015. Please check back often for updated Information Sessions and Admissions Events.